Sunscreen in a Pill?


I’ve previously described the consequences of acute and chronic sun exposure, and the rationale for topical sunscreen products. But wouldn’t it be easier to just take a pill that can boost our skin’s resistance to to the harmful effects of the sun? Is it possible to get all the benefits of sunscreen without the bother of creams, or even clothing? Continue reading

Heliocare and Fernblock: Sunscreen in a Pill?

This post is now archived. It was updated in July 2010, based on an article for Science-Based Medicine. It’s also updated here, on this blog.

Polypodium leucotomos

“For the first time you can achieve essential protection from dangerous sun exposure in a pill”

–  LifeExtension advertisement for Fernblock

“Heliocare works to turn back the sun”

– Advertisement for Heliocare

If only it were that easy.Unfortunately, statements like this might make you think that Fernblock and Heliocare are alternatives to sunscreens. But if you put your trust in oral sunscreens, you may end up burned.

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