Mulberry Zuccarin Side Effects

The Science-Based Pharmacy post about Mulberry Zuccarin has become the most read article, by a big margin.  We’re pleased this evidence review has found a wide audience. However, it’s concerning that many consumers seem to be searching for information about mulberry leaf extract side effects, and adverse events associated with Mulberry Zuccarin. Some have posted their concerns in the comments, or have contacted this blog directly.

Please report any potential  adverse effects from Mulberry Zuccarin, or any other mulberry extract you take, to regulators in the country where you live. Only by reporting adverse events can cause and effect be properly evaluated. In general, natural health products are poorly evaluated, with few even undergoing randomized controlled trial evaluation. Consequently, the side effect profile may not be understood.  It is very difficult to establish a causal relationship from any product based on individual casse reports. Only with multiple reports can possible safety signals be identified. Continue reading