Praise from Science Borealis

Thank you to the Science Borealis blog for making Science-Based Pharmacy an Editors’ Pick for 2014!

The blog won in the category of “Health, Medicine and Veterinary Science“. Given the output and quality of other Canadian health professionals and colleagues that blog, I’m surprised and very grateful for the recognition. I’m a strong supporter of Canadian science blogging, and am privileged that they have included SBP in their blog roll. If you want more Canada (and who doesn’t?), adding the Borealis feed to your RSS reader or following them on Facebook is an excellent way to discover more Canadian science.

I find it hard to believe that the SBP blog enters its sixth year in 2015. After over 300 posts and 1.6 million views, there’s still lots of work to be done. SBP will continue to advocate for a pharmacy vision that embraces science, rejects quackery, and puts ethical patient care at the core of the pharmacist’s role. Thanks for reading and your continued support.

One thought on “Praise from Science Borealis

  1. Thank you for your continuing educational posts. I appreciate all of the information that is provided. I use many of your posts for educational purposes for my students.

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