THIEVES Essential Oil – Crimes against public health

As discussed in one of my previous posts, the promotion of quackery is so ubiquitous in my town it’s become white noise for me. I mostly tune it out unless I’m personally asked my opinion. Often this promotion comes in the weekly newspaper, in the advertising-disguised-as-advice page “Ask the Expert.” Occasionally there are columns by financial advisors and home improvement experts, but by far the majority of “expert advice” comes from chiropractors, naturopaths, Chinese Medicine practitioners, and holistic nutritionists. One regular advertiser is a local who calls herself a “Divine Healer”. She has some initials after her name, none of which I can trace back to any actual licenced health profession, degree or diploma. Her services include reflexology, mediumship, craniosacral therapy, aromatherapy and card-reading. She also offers a special massage called “vibrational raindrop technique” which apparently involves the use of essential oils and tuning forks or singing bowls. This actually sounds like it might be kind of relaxing and entertaining. Something I would personally never pay the money for, but harmless, right? Earlier this year, however, a local public health nurse who I consider a kindred spirit based on our views of alternative medicine contacted me about the weekly claim. In the wake of a severe local flu outbreak and depletion of vaccine supply, the healer recommended an essential oil called “Thieves” claiming that “research shows that it has a 99.96 percent kill rate against airborne bacteria – interrupting the life cycle and interfering with the ability of viruses to replicate.” Further information available on her website goes on to describe how you can boost your immune system by placing a few drops on your feet every morning (this old wives’ tale makes me shake my head, every time I read it – which is too often). Also provided are several recipes for making your own capsules with various essential oils which you should then take three times a day if you actually become sick. In bold, she warns that you must never take essential oils internally unless they are Young Living brand, which of course, is the brand that she represents. I found that information to be very interesting, considering the Health Canada guidelines for approval for aromatherapy essential oils clearly states that they are for topical or inhalation only. Also interesting is the fact that Young Living doesn’t appear to have an NPN for Thieves. Young Living has also been under fire recently from the FDA for boldly claiming that Thieves can kill Ebola. While the letter from the FDA may prompt some correction at their top level, I doubt the message has trickled down to their thousands of distributors who will still likely be selling it any way they can, and that really is the modus operandi of all multi-level marketing schemes. Dr. Harriet Hall discussed a similar MLM company, and states:

Why Does MLM Appeal to Manufacturers? It allows them to sell a product that could not compete in the open marketplace, at least not at those prices. It allows the big players to get filthy rich. It allows distributors to make claims the company can’t legally make in its advertising, such as: “It cured my mother’s skin cancer,” “It cured my child’s tonsillitis,” and “It keeps my kids from catching colds.” And that kind of testimonial from a friend is far more powerful than any advertising.”

Months later, another flu season is upon us and I find a local Mom’s Facebook group to be riddled with advice about all kinds of essential oils to cure your families’ ails. It seems that there are now several locals involved in the selling of essential oils, and are eager to promote them for anything. I got out the popcorn one day to read the debates going back and forth about which company’s diffuser was better, whose oils were more pure … all this in a group that clearly states “No selling!” in the rules. From putting drops on your baby’s tongue to only rubbing it on in a clockwise direction, the advice both entertained and saddened me. The line has clearly been crossed from harmless aromatherapy to replacing conventional medicine with quackery.

It certainly doesn’t help that many pharmacies sell essential oils, lending legitimacy to their use as cure-alls. This one is available at a local independent, and was actually developed by a Canadian pharmacist. Similar to Young Living, they have blends that claim to treat cold / flu and “boost the immune system” – which I put in quotes because it’s a dubious claim, often used because it’s allowable in promotion of supplements.


Thieves is a blend of clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus. While their website is devoid of very much information on what it’s used for, a web search hilariously reveals unlimited uses for it, including my favourite “stimulates solar plexus chakra”. Most websites make the same claim as the one stated above, a 99.96% kill rate against airborne bacteria. Not one website I looked at actually linked to the study although several had it underlined as if you could. Some stated that it was private research conducted by Gary Young, the founder of Young Living who it appears has a checkered past typical of woo-peddlers including suffering from a medical problem that conventional medicine couldn’t help (and for which he invented the supposed cure), falsified credentials and arrests for health fraud.

A search of the literature does actually turn up several references, but most are in vitro studies on single oils and results cannot be extrapolated to human use. Some looked at the effects of aromatherapy on anxiety but results were not convincing. This systematic review specifically looked for adverse effects of aromatherapy and concluded:

“Aromatherapy has the potential to cause adverse effects some of which are serious. Their frequency remains unknown. Lack of sufficiently convincing evidence regarding the effectiveness of aromatherapy combined with its potential to cause adverse effects questions the usefulness of this modality in any condition.”

Another review of efficacy concluded:

“Due to a number of caveats, the evidence is not sufficiently convincing that aromatherapy is an effective therapy for any condition.”

Of note was that only 10 of 201 potentially relevant publications met the inclusion criteria, highlighting the fact that most published evidence for aromatherapy is of poor quality.

Specifically relevant to Thieves and its claims as an effective anti-infective is this review, prepared in September 2014 by the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, a not-for-profit government-funded agency tasked with providing evidence-based information to health leaders. Their findings?

“No relevant literature was found regarding the clinical and cost-effectiveness of essential oil products for the disinfection of skin, wounds, or hospital surfaces, therefore no summary can be provided.”


So there appears to be no supporting evidence to the claims that Thieves is effective against influenza, Ebola, or any other infectious disease. I bet it smells pretty great though. It’s easy to convince someone that it may be effective based on in vitro activity, so I understand why distributors might believe the hype. To them, I would suggest you read Scott’s excellent post on Oil of Oregano. I often give this type of response when I am asked about the anti-infective activity of supplements:

“There’s some evidence out there demonstrating that oil of oregano will kill different species of bacteria, etc in the test tube or petri dish – i.e., in vitro. Big deal. If I pour a pile of salt, lime juice, Cointreau, or tequila on a petri dish, it will likely kill most bacteria too. It’s not difficult to kill bacteria if you change the conditions enough that it cannot live. So while it’s easy to get high concentrations of oregano in a test tube and subsequent positive effects, these effects are meaningless in the human body unless we can achieve similar concentrations, without any toxicity to our body. And there is no evidence that this occurs with oil of oregano.

So just like you can’t cure an infection by drinking margaritas, you shouldn’t simply expect oil of oregano to kill any infections in your body – there is no evidence to demonstrate that you can safely consume the oil, absorb an adequate amount, and treat an infection or any other condition.”

I bolded that line because I think it’s a hilarious comparison, and one that will no doubt resonate with those who have a small seed of doubt about the claims they are making when promoting essential oils. To distributors and purveyors of essential oils:  Please, by all means – sell essential oils as a way to scent massage oils, to improve household odors or be diffused into the air to enhance the ambiance of an environment. Promotion outside of those uses, especially as in internal remedy, is flouting the regulations around the use of natural health products. Are you prepared to deal with the fallout if someone becomes seriously ill, or even dies as a result of following your advice? Hint … if you don’t have a licence to practice and carry liability insurance, nor have the evidence to back up your medical claims, then you are most definitely not. Think it won’t happen? This example may not be specific to essential oils, but provides an example as to why unproven remedies should not replace conventional medicine in the treatment of infectious disease.

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  1. This really shows the power of this form of advertising. It is strange to see that people are willing to pay for a ‘remedy’ when there is a free, ‘natural’ way to prevent this illness that actually has an evidence base – frequent and proper hand washing.

    • You people must be working for the FDA to post all of your narrow minded comments and theories on here!!!! I would expect such garbage from uneducated, ignorant sheep

      • Wow! Such vicious verbal attacks just because someone believes something different than you? Really? Not sure where all the enlightenment you gained in school disappeared to? Isn’t part of education suppose to be about searching for answers? And how does one do that? By reading, experimenting and evaluating. Sounds almost like the Scientific Method to me. Gather information, form a hypothesis, and do an experiment to see if your hypothesis is correct. If these people have used oils and are convinced they work for them, why would you be so victriolic in your response to them. After all, you’re an education person. Where is your open mindedness to thinking outside the box? Where would science be today if people had never done that? I’m just not sure I understand why your reaction is to caustic toward people who believe something different than you. Have you or someone you know tried essential oils and found them to be bogus?

  2. Great detailed post.
    The belief in the spiritual power of Thieves essential oils always reminds me of fake faith healer John of God and his followers. Same mindset.
    The news show 60 Minutes with Michael Usher, just did an scathing investigative report of John of God on 10/26/2014, prior to his arrival to Australia in Nov 2014. Calling John of God’s pretend medical treatment horrendous and barbaric! And grilling him about his sexual molestation charges and the great deal of money he makes(in the millions) by fooling sick and desperate people with absolutely no creditable records of healing treatments! A must see for all who consider going.

    • Great detailed post? There was no detail about anything. Only sarcasm and assumptions. There was absolutely no scientific fact stated or cited either way. I understand about this John of God character, but really, that has nothing to do with this post. A publication that calls itself Science Based Pharmacy allowed a person who shows no credentials or authority on a subject to post and give sarcasm rather than scientific fact.

      • I think you might benefit from reading this article again, this time with your eyes open. The article is backed up by numerous cited studies and references. My comment was intended to compare the similar motivation and mindset of people like Gary Young and John of God. Who, seem to me alike in the way they use pseudo science/ spirituality for monetary gain. And their cult like believers who blindly follow .

      • Ha! I totally agree! The author has clearly never tried young living oils. I was a skeptic once too… But the difference is that I gave them a chance and had amazing results! This post was useless blah blah blah I had to scroll through. It’s just a pissed off, biased rant about how people are starting to trust natural substances over synthetic ones. Give me a flippin’ break. Come back when you’ve actually tried Young Living, then let’s see what you have to say.

    • As far as the town “healer” you are right about trickery. She is dabbling in the occult, which is trickery at its most dangerous level. I’ve been indirectly involved in real healing/deliverance ministries through the power of Our Savior, Jesus Christ, and one of the ways that demons can enter into people is through the use of mediums, even including aroma therapy, if it’s attached to a spiritual purpose. Essential oils can be useful for many things, and science is proving left and right that herbs have been healing for centuries, but leave the spiritual aspect alone. It won’t heal you. In fact it could harm you on many levels. Many new age remedies are dangerous, whether you believe in God or not. It’s real, folks. Be wise, stay safe.😇

  3. I agree with everything you are saying in this article. However, I thought you might be interested to read this recent paper which does provide a possible mechanism by which some essential oils may actually be effective. Granted this is just one oil, but a lot of research is being done and who knows where it will lead in the future? I thought it was interesting. (I’m an artist but my degree is in plant science, and my husband is an agricultural scientist).

  4. So…because there have been no pharma companies financially backing expensive studies to provide heavily biased results concluding in their favor, you automatically dismiss it? You poor naive little manwomanthing. I shoot thieves oil straight back and it will cure my cold in less than 24 hours every time for years. Enjoy your drugs!

    • Isn’t it up to the company that develops and promotes the product to fund their own studies? That is, as you say, what pharma companies do. I would expect the Thieves makers to do the same by carving out a percentage of their profits to put back into R&D. So where are all their studies? Considering your ad hominem attack, I’m guessing you don’t know of any either.

      • Hi Sara,
        I would suggest that there was a time in history (actually, for the majority of human existence) that no pharma or clinical studies existed for every acceptable and effective medicine to treat our ailments, and yet humans have proceeded to take remedies to get well… perhaps our culture is little more obsessed with what the experts say to the extent that we are neglecting a very human element – listening to our bodies, seeing evidence of wellness or healing in people around us and using our heads. Some things (though not everything) are simple.

      • To JH below:
        “I would suggest that there was a time in history (actually, for the majority of human existence) that no pharma or clinical studies existed for every acceptable and effective medicine to treat our ailments, and yet humans have proceeded to take remedies to get well…”

        I would also suggest that you recall that at that time (pre-pharma and pre-modern medicine), the average life expectancy was a third of what it is today, and mortality rates for common diseases and viruses were exponentially higher. But oh yes, let’s celebrate the “good old days” when humans treated their ailments with shaman magic! (eye roll).

      • To No Proof:
        Life expectancy may have been shorter, that we know of, but there was a time when they lived for many years. They also didn’t have cancer or other ailments like now caused by chemicals etc that we are using. Every time we read any article it states how something we use on a regular basis causes cancer etc. So to say that essential oils don’t work is more your thought because you are not willing to try. You want to be lazy and let medicine do all the work and in the end have no idea what it’s really doing to your body. How many people are suing now because of medicines that were “tested and proven” and ended up causing major health issues.

        And to the original poster and person who wrote this article, have you ever heard of the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover?” Don’t take what one consultant did as what the company believes. That is why they are called and INDEPENDENT consultant. It doesn’t mean what they say is what the company believes. They are HUGE on making sure people are aware they can NEVER state that these are meant to cure, treat or diagnose, if they said it worked for their family, then don’t judge. It probably did. Many pharmaceutical mess don’t work on me so therefore if they work on you then I guess you are a fake!

        I have only found relief from a naturopath after many years of doctors and meds. So unless you have actually tried something with an open mind then keep your mouth shut as its only your opinion and those are never grounded either.

    • Thank you…..Amazing Response!!! So hard to believe how brainwashed some are…..though I suspect
      this article was paid for. (lobbyist)

    • I agree. Its easy to speak badly about something when you take every one elses word for it. Unless you have used and experienced YL EO you don’t know what you’re missing.
      Thank you for your post.

  5. If I’m getting sick, and I use Thieves (and only Thieves), and I am completely well again in a very short time…why on earth would I still need to look at clinical studies to prove to me that it’s effective? If it works, it works and it has for me for years. While I’m staying happy and healthy, I feel sorry for those who are still waiting for studies to convince them…to each his own.

    • You feel better because you’re immune system is fighting the more than likely virus effectively! Most healthy humans will feel less symptomatic from a cold in 2-7 days due to your amazing human body, not your thieves oil.

      • Or the essential oil blend is helping the body do what it’s supposed to. Which is the claim of essential oils that are actually pure therapeutic grade. Not the crap sold in health food stores,

      • That statement is basically an oxymoron. If the person in question had a completely healthy immune system they wouldn’t have gotten sick in the first place. And you are making a huge assumption about the persons immune system. Do you know them? Do you know how their immune system is functioning and up to what par? Just like this woman Sara, making assumptions with no fact to back up the statements. SMH.

      • Ariane, you really should take an Intro to Biology class. Do you know what a “completely healthy immune system” is? It’s, you know, an intact immune system that hasn’t been destroyed by, among other things, viruses such as HIV/AIDS. It doesn’t stop things from getting in, it works on it after the fact.

        Do they not teach these things in K-12 anymore?

  6. Thank you for this! As a young mom I am constantly BOMBARDED by suggestions for homeopathic remedies and miracle cures. It’s a fad, and I am growing tired of it. Every time one of my children gets sick someone suggests to me that if I would just rub Thieves on their feet and spend *hundreds* of dollars on diffusers and other oils, we would all be perfectly healthy and free of any illnesses. Never mind the fact that the moms who are suggesting this have kids who are getting sick with the same things my kids are. For every anecdote I’ve heard in support of essential oils, I can give one against it – for every person it’s “helped” stay healthy, I’ve witnessed one who it it hasn’t helped. I don’t have any medical background and I’m not a scientist, so I have struggled to defend my skepticism with anything other than common sense. I’m so glad to read this and see that my instincts were good. Thanks for helping the average mom wade through the tidal wave of homeopathic garbage out there!!

    • I have the same issue. Have you noticed them saying “we used Thieves and our cold was gone in only a few days.” So…um…like a normal cold you got sick and started improving after a few days….wow what a miracle! That is totally unlike every cold I’ve had where I get sick for 2-4 days and begin improving. *eyeroll*

      • My colds last way longer than that until I started using thieves so your opinion isn’t fact. It’s your opinion. Good for you. You have a stronger immune system. But guess what honey, you are not everyone. so what is normal for you, isn’t always the norm for everyone.

      • I love how SBP doesn’t like to mention things like how Vioxx, removed by Merck in 2004, literally killed almost 40,000 people from cardiac events before they pulled it off the market. It had been black boxed for 5 years prior. Every year medications once considered “safe and effective”, are pulled from the market, but you won’t hear about that here. Merck paid out almost a billion in claims, but made enough on the drug to not give a sh*t.

  7. As the comment above says, I am surrounded by Oil Enthusiasts who will try to get you hooked every time your kid sneezes. I know it’s quackery and avoid it like the plague. I know these moms and they are intelligent, educated, women who should know better. How did they fall prey to spending hundreds of dollars on this stuff? When they post that they rub thieves on their feet so it “gets to every cell in your body in 20 minutes,” I want to throw something at my computer screen. When they gargle it to “cure strep throat” I am dumbfounded. They were never tested for strep by a doctor but a sore throat was magically cured by this oil. They use it as a cleaner and a sanitizer and diffused in the air, not just for the smell but as an anti-bacterial, healing agent. There are other oil blends they claim will help a child who is potty training, not pee at night. WTH?! Any time you ask about evidence they point you to a young living site showing “research” or state claims about the days of plagues and the use of these oils (which are not true and even if they were, the people had NO OTHER MEDICAL OPTIONS!) Thank you for your post, I am always trying to further arm myself against the onslaught of oil pushers around me.

    • Don’t arm yourself. Just tell them you are not interested, just like they are not interested in what you use. And you stating they are crazy I am sure isn’t going to win you over. If they are too pushy deal with it. I a, sure they think you are crazy too.

    • I bet you believe all those commercials made by pharmaceuticals though, except that you probably don’t believe that all those “side effects” could happen to you!

      All I can personally tell is my own story, and that is that I’m off of all my medications I was taking by pharmaceuticals that they told me “I had to have for the rest of my life”. I have been to the doctor for my physicals, my kids physicals, and only one time for my son’s groin injury in the last 2 years. I had a great check-up last time and have been told that my cholesterol is normal where it was high before, and my thyroid levels are normal now. We used to go to Care Now about every 2-3 months when the season changed with some kind of infection.

      I’ve lost 30 pounds and went from bed ridden most of the time with fibromyalgia to being a cheer coach that I’ve always wanted to be. I had a yeast infection for years from many antibiotics that I used to take when I had a very bad infection from my tooth, and it went away with the oils after trying every OTC drug or ointment possible. Before the oils, after all those antibiotics I kept getting the infection, and the last time the antibiotics didn’t work and I had to finally have a root canal. I got an infection in another tooth, and started using Thieves, Clove and Copaiba on it and I’ve had no pain and no root canal…and that was almost 2 years ago.

      My son and my husband were the biggest skeptics and they now come to me nightly for their oils to sleep, help with my husbands sleep apnea, and my husband loves the Cedarwood for his scalp that has helped with hair regrowth, sleep, and the side effect is that it helped with his dandruff. My kids love the oils, and it’s helped my son with his auditory processing disorder that he loves to tell everyone he can about the oils. The biggest thing that I used to worry about so much was my husband has had about 20 suspicious spots removed from his back or fact. One of them would not heal, because it was so deep that they had to remove it. Using the oils the spot finally healed after over a year of not healing. I now put Frankincense on any spot I see that is suspicious, usually 4-5 times a day and it gets lighter and smaller within 5 days. I use the oils daily as mosquito repellant (and we all should be able to agree that we need to get rid of the chemicals and toxins in those things), bug bites, burns, cuts, bruises, soreness, sleep, flavoring in my water, and even cooking.

      Truly, I thank God every day for these oils! This does not mean that there is not room for modern medicine as we couldn’t heal my son’s groin, and he had to have surgery for healing. I don’t deny the need for modern medicine when crisis occurs, but for the everyday things I will stick to the oils!! I thank God for doctors that can help should those issues arise!!

  8. There is actually evidence growing everyday, but we are getting a better reign on distributors making big claims. I can still share research that has been done on oils and published in medical journals. [The antibacterial activity of cinnamon oil on the selected gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria], The biological activities of cinnamon, geranium and lavender essential oils. –, Some evidences on the mode of action of Cinnamomum verum bark essential oil, alone and in combination with piperacillin against a multi-drug resistant Escherichia coli strain.-, Cinnamon bark oil, a potent fungitoxicant against fungi causing respiratory tract mycoses.-, Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of clove essential oil and eugenyl acetate produced by enzymatic esterification-, Microbicide activity of clove essential oil (Eugenia caryophyllata).-, Antibacterial activity of the essential oils from the leaves of Eucalyptus globulus against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.-, Plant essential oils and their constituents in coping with multidrug-resistant bacteria.- There is SOOO much more and in some cases the oils don’t work for what they are tested on. Essential oils have been around for a very long time, but they are kind of being rediscovered by us. It will take some time, but I believe they will be in most hospitals in the next 20 years. Why? Because the research shows that they work with minor side effects.

    • Actually, these citations don’t tell us much at all. It’s the same problem you’ll find with alcohol. Ethanol is an excellent antibacterial as a hand gel – in this form it kills nearly everything. Yet when I drink a margarita, I don’t get the same effect on my cold virus? Why? If you can describe the differences, you’ll understand the limitations of extrapolating data and inferring efficacy from one form of testing, to the real world.

      • You asked for tests and studies. I just showed you some of what we have so far. (You can find so much more if you search.) Yes there isn’t that much info yet. Essential Oils have only been back about 20 years and they are just now getting big because of MLM companies. We need more research. We also need to admit that there is something good to be found here. It isn’t just some farce. If you actually go to France they have doctors who will even inject essential oils into organs. (This is done by trained doctors and only for specific reasons.) Aromatherapy is considered common practice and ingesting oils is quite normal.

    • Thanks for the links Nikki. I did actually mention that I found several of these types of studies in my search: “A search of the literature does actually turn up several references, but most are in vitro studies on single oils and results cannot be extrapolated to human use.” So your suggestion that I could “find so much more if you search” shows that you didn’t carefully read my post.

      What I was looking for though, was evidence supporting the statements of the MLM sellers that they are effective orally against severe infections, THIEVES in particular.

      • There are plenty of studies that do use humans in blind studies with essential oils. There are enough of those to prove that essential oils do have health benefits. And as to those studies being done in vitro, they are also done on laboratory animals. If a drug were to kill cancer like Frankincense oil has in vitro and in vivo, with no side effects, that drug would be fast tracked to human trial. But the drug companies can’t patent a plant so why would they fund research of a pure essential oil? Way too many people are having great healing with essential oils for you to write them off as snake oil. Natural remedies that actually work are under attack by the FDA. I know that oils have kept our entire family of six out of the doctor’s office for two years. No antibiotics, no allergy medicine, shots, inhalers, nebulizer treatments, biologics for autoimmune disease…..nothing. Many other people are reporting the same results. I can see plenty of reasons to vilify companies that produce these oils. Follow the money, folks.

      • Sara, there may not be any particular studies on THEIVES, but there are plenty of studies done on the constituents of Theives. The blend of oils is made up only of what you listed in your article. So what is the problem? There are plenty of studies, some listed by Nikki that show the efficacy of cinnamon and the like.

      • If there are plenty of studies that exist, please list them. For relevance, please list only controlled trials with relevant clinical endpoints – that is, not invitro, but invivo trials.

  9. Well, well, well…. it’s very interesting to read all the comments. All I can say is I am not here to convince anyone one way or the other. I too once thought it was all a bunch of bunk until I became completely frustrated with western medicine not being able to identify or solve some of the health issues I was having, such as chronic inflammation, which I have been dealing with for numerous years. After going from doctor to doctor (general practitioner, dermatologist, oncologist, endocrinologist, to name just a few) I finally decided to give oils a try. After all, what did I have to lose? Conventional, western medicine wasn’t offering me what I considered to be a long-term solution, nor were they interested in finding out what was causing the inflammation, so I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. I’ve only been using the oils for a few months now and although I cannot claim overnight success with my inflammation, I am seeing improvement, which leads me to continue in this direction for a “cure”. If any of you reading this have something helpful to offer me, I am certainly open to what you have to say, as long as I don’t have to worry about liver damage or serious side effects from long-term use.

    Additionally, I have an 89 yo mother who lives with me. She suffers from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. I decided to try the oils on her for sun downing and anxiety, again, after all what did I have to loose. I was already medicating her as much as I could without making her comatose. To my surprise and to the surprise of my husband and my mother’s caretaker, who are definitely not oil “believers”, they worked. I used Serenity, a DoTerra oil, for the sun downing and anxiety and was amazed at how quickly we would see a change in her demeanor. She would become completely calm and relaxed. As her daughter, to see her level of anxiousness and stress dissipate so quickly was a blessing to me, and to her. Because of this success, I tried Rosemary and Patchoulii on her as well, and although it will never “cure” my mother’s unfortunate disease, I have seen improvement in her level of alertness and mental engagement. She smiles and sometimes even jokes.

    So all I can say to those who do not believe is, that’s ok. That is your choice and you are certainly entitled to your opinions. I too once walked in your shoes until I reached the end of western medicine’s reach and was left with no alternative but to try something, even if I didn’t believe in it, after all, what did I have to lose, but a few dollars.

    And just as an fyi… I too am an intelligent, college-educated woman, who once rolled my eyes at the mention of using “oils”. That was until I reached the end of my rope and felt like I had nothing to lose, so why not. It was my own personal experience that made me a believer, not a clinical study, not someone else’s testimony, not something I read on the internet. And, as I mentioned earlier, if any of you have something more traditional to offer me that will treat the cause of my inflammation rather than the symptom, and will not cause long-term serious side effects or liver damage, I am more than open to hearing what you have to say. I am on a journey to find solutions and along the way have learned to be just a little less judgmental about things I don’t know or understand.

    Hope in some way, this post helps someone, somewhere.

    • I used herbs and olive oil, but my skin allergy still attacked. It was when I consumed methyl prednisolon that my allergy quieted down.

      but the best solution was solution is, go to a cleaner place.

  10. Have you looked into the veterinary community for inputs? Our trusted veterinarian of many generations of our pets just informed us the other day about his experiences with using Thieves oil on his patients (while suggesting something natural for my Dane’s lip rash, since topical cortisone was messing with his immune system which allowed a minor demodectic flareup around his eye), and he said it noticeably improved prognoses in some rather severe cases. He gets to see life cycles – causes and effects – happen really FAST as a vet. Regarding “Thieves” therapy on pets: “I’ve used it on cancer,” he claims. So, maybe start with animal medicine for some data? -Not saying it correlates at all with efficacy for humans, but at least under veterinary pharmacopeia there may exist something quantifiable, regarding Thieves oil blend.

    • Well there is what seems to be valid information concerning Aromatherapy and it’s uses for cancer and other illnesses on the National Cancer Institute website .. seems to be very unbiased ( unlike how this article reads) It states clinical studies and does not swear by it but also can not rule out the efficacy of such treatments.

  11. Why write a “science based” article on something that, by your own admission, there has been little research about? Maybe do some science, then your article will have a point.

    • I thought the point was obvious – that sellers of essential oils are wading into dangerous territory when they promote oils for infectious diseases that can be very serious when there is little to no evidence to back up their claims. It’s up to those marketing the products and making the claims to “do the science”.

      • Sara, no offense but this just sounds a bit illogical to me. Many people are having significant results from using essential oils, yet the response is to roll your eyes and complain. Take the challenge and do the science. You may be surprised at the results. Also, if it were not for the fact that allopathic medicine is leaving so many people profoundly disappointed, there would not be such an effort to find alternative medicines.

      • Obvious – people, most noticeably MLM distributors, make mistakes and are over-eager. It happens – and its not always greed that leads to them, as you suggest. We have also seen these mistakes repeatedly by drug companies, pharmacists, practitioners, etc. Should we abandon Western medicine?

        But you are trying to debunk the entire essential oil market and community over one-off claims. Ridiculous. A clear bias is evident.

  12. This site troubles me. I’m a retired businessman with a keen interest in medical knowledge and alternative therapies. Seems that this site and the facebook page makes unnecessary light and condemnation of all proponents of alternative therapies. While pharmaceuticals have an important place, ignoring the fact that the general population will, regardless of your diatribe of the alternative industries, embrace them. This is dangerous. Not accepting that it will exist without your blessing will cause more harm than good. Painting every potentially positive modality with the same brush is narrow minded.
    While science tested drugs prescribed by the conventional medical profession is unequivocally beneficial, it is by no means 100% safe. Research online and you will find big pharma’s many mistakes that have led to deaths over the years.

    So I would caution casting aspersions and foretelling potential calamity for using such things as plant products that have been used over 1000’s of years without fatalities.
    I think we would, as a society, be better served by professionals such as yourselves, if you would embrace the inevitable and work with other professionals wanting to research options instead of making ridiculous mockery of non pharmaceutical efforts. My business was successful because I didn’t try to make the competition look bad, we made our products and services and prices better than others. And sometimes worked in collaboration on projects. I guess Scott’s Business degree didn’t cover anything like that.

    The school yard bullying evident in the facebook posts lessens the professionalism of your vocation. Book knowledge, degrees gives you a great basis for your jobs, but does not give you the absolute right to denigrate others with holier than thou insights. As a doctoral degree candidate, education did not make Esseghaier a more intelligent person. (Not a direct comparison,only a recent example).You can have your opinion as is your right, I have mine. I only hope that reason prevails.

    Lighten up with the blanket statements and focus in on the real medical dupes and fraudsters. There are many, I know. It wouldn’t hurt to broaden your horizons with an open inquisitive mind, whoever you are. Generally there are positive things that I see on your website. Stick to those.

    Which brings me to a thought. Professionals should not create a situation where it would be necessary to hide behind pseudonyms. Rational debate is positive and can embolden. Makes me question the impartiality of the contributors of this website.

    • If I’m not mistaken, the “alternative health” community is also likewise snubbing their noses at us. “But it’s not buying into Big Pharma!!” No, just buying into “Big Alterna” instead. I trust professionals with peer review, insurance, and testing over anything that has no solid backing.

      • You were very vocal in your opinion on Saturday ‘Vanessa’.

        And that is all it is.

        Your opinion is that ‘alternative’ medicine is a load of crap. My, and many others’ opnion is that it isn’t.

        Everything is based on opinion. All ‘qualifications’ are based on opinion. A person or body sets themselves up or are voted up as the definitive ‘opinion’ on any given subject and in order to ‘qualify’ you have to agree with and study their ‘opinion’.

        I see that it has finally been acknowledged that putting fluoride in water was probably not a good idea. They made that decision based on ‘expert opinion’. ‘Expert opinion’ also threw ‘civilised” culture into 60 years of low-fat high-carb hell. ‘Expert opinion’ decided that Cholesterol was evil and needed to be ridded from the body at all costs. ‘Expert opinion’ kills thousands of people every year through prescription drugs and negligence. Expert opinion changes like the wind but unfortunately very often blows in completely the wrong direction……

        It doesn’t wash. People are waking up and realising that there are other options. Oils have been used medically for thousands of years. Herbs have been used for thousands of years. It is not ‘Alternative’ medicine, it is Traditional medicine. It was here thousands of years before Allopathic medicine was invented, and it will be here thousands of years after it has fizzled out. Whilst they strip it of its benefits they try to suppress it and denigrate it, and those who operate it, to the masses. Personally, I find the more something is suppressed and denigrated, the more likely there is to be something in it and the more my curiosity is piqued. It’s a clever strategy. Denigrating it is called ‘squashing the competition’…….

        But the masses aren’t stupid. And suggesting they are because their opinion is less important than yours or any other ‘expert’ is downright patronising.

  13. The sarcasm in this post (exponentially raised by the sarcastic responses in the comments) lends zero credibility to the author’s perspective. As a cardiac RN, it has been my experience that conventional medicine often treats a disease or ailment with pharmaceutical toxins, which on one hand MIGHT suceed in its targeted action, only to CAUSE another problem (which is perhaps equally, if not MORE serious. ie. liver failure, kidney failure.) I am also keenly aware of the pressure, in conventional medicine, to diagnose. Sadly, such diagnoses are sometimes done hastily, and/or inaccurately. In other words, modern medicine is far from being an exact science.
    If you look at essential oils from a healing standpoint only, you’re missing that many use them for not only treatment, but also wellness. And the chemical constituents *may* lend themselves to promoting a more effective immune system. Why no studies? There actually IS some research out there, albeit a relatively new “train” that is slowly leaving the station. In part (IMO), those who produce, use and love oils are in no hurry to see the government label these products as pharmaceutical, -and all the regulation and control that comes with it. But, if you are open minded enough to back paddle on some of your sarcasm and conclusions, this article may be of interest to you (or at least those who got this far in reading your post and comments).

    • Thank you for your thoughtful insights. The sarcasm was purposefully embedded due in large part to the evidence of derision in previous posts. I hoped someone would either reveal themselves as narrow minded or respond respectfully as you have. So objective achieved.

      I am not a health care professional, only related by blood to a variety of different providers. So your input certainly has more merit. I was led to this site by google search after reading about the University of Toronto objective of research and study of CAM. I only wanted rational discussion to ensue since all I have seen so far from pharmacists is denial and comedy regarding a variety of alternative options to drug taking. I take drugs, I have to, as you get older such is the case. But I feel like too many are stuck in never never land regarding embracing and working with alternative health care providers. Why is it that when using essential oils or herbs or whatever , it is recommended that you contact your doctor or health care professional? Obviously because there are active ingredients that “may” interact with prescriptions. Tells me that there are chemical constituents that have medicinal merit. Unfortunately responsibility falls onto people like yourself and pharmacists to embrace the future to see that this “train” you speak off is gathering steam and should be studied not spoken of as heresy. Do Doctors and pharmacists have the all the education required to currently know the benefits as well as the risks? I know my doctor, who is a friend, dismisses the use of nutrients in food as a beneficial source of health outcome in cases of medical concerns.

      The money is in patentable pharmascuticals, but research is being done and I run across more and more as I delve into this subject. I do know that those who study this subject as a profession, have the necessary knowledge currently to utilize, to a limited degree, the oils currently in circulation. The government doesn’t have the resolve, money or the intent when and how to regulate. Its too confusing right now for them. They gave up.

      I personally know a German doctor who is currently embracing the essential oil studies as it seems the Europeans (and some Americans) are more brave and forward thinking than those here in Canada. Why is it that in Europe and US, there are hospitals that embrace the use of plant sourced oils on the premises but not here in Canada. Is it that we, in Canada, are so much more intelligent and know better than anyone else? And I understand the allergy argument but are they immune in those countries? Or is it better utilized and monitored?
      And by the way the article looks very helpful, I have only skimmed but will absorb later. Thanks

  14. Just a further note in answer to your post, thar1. Sarcasm neither creates credibility nor negates it. But worthy of balanced response such as yours. It does reflect and mirrors attitudes. My hope is that it shouldn’t be required if individuals engage in reasonable discussions. When I see injudicious actions or opinions, whether in business, or in life, I have been known to be caustic and unpleasant. Have a look at some of the comments and posts on the facebook page of this group and tell me it lends credibility. We’ll see how it goes.

  15. Embrace the future and consider that science has not arrived at the final conclusions. Choose to moderate others comments. Adios

  16. I have recently discovered the miracle of thieves oil. I don’t care if you’re not supposed to ingest it. I don’t care that the FDA hasn’t approved it. The FDA has however approved MANY drugs that are very harmful when taken, and are open and honest about their side effects and liver damaging components. So, why are we looking to the FDA to give us their opinion?
    I have used thieves for sinus infections, allergies, and curing children who are chronically ill as little as 2 yrs old, and it literally works within two doses.
    This year one of my good friends and her husband found out tumors had riddled his body. He’s only 28, and a very athletic college football player, but the cancer was unstoppable with chemo and radiation. On his death bed, I contacted her and told her about Thieves oil. My friend (who introduced me to young living) had told me that in other countries, doctors are putting thieves oil in IV’s and giving them to cancer patients to shrink tumors. With no other options, she and her husband gave it a try. A few weeks later at his specialists office, Robert learned his tumors had significantly shrunk and TODAY IS CANCER FREE! They feel forever indebted to me, and I have done nothing but ask them to give it a try. Let me make this clear, I DO NOT AND NEVER HAVE SOLD OR PURCHASED YOUNG LIVING OILS. I don’t need any doctor, scientist, and certainly not the FDA, to approve this miracle oil. IT WORKS, AND I HAVE NEVER HAD ANYONE TELL ME OTHERWISE, EVER! ! This has had a 100% success with every person mo matter the age, in curing what I promised them it would. I am sorely saddened to see your article. You may have as I did not read your article word for word, but, I suggest you give it a try before you discourage all these wonderful people from using it. I will forever have a very soft space in my heart for an oil, with no side effects, that saved my friends life.

    • Only people suckered into the scheme will sing its praises in this manner. People grateful for conventional medicine don’t go shouting from all the rooftops in some crazed style.

  17. Thank you for reading this Big Pharma sponsored content in the form of a blog. Big Pharma wants to be in your life and replace everything that is natural in your life. Just submit to big Pharma and everything will be fine.

    • Yes, unlike Big Placebo, which gives away the Thieves oil for free and is not at all interested in profits! All hail Big Placebo!

      • Don’t be facetious. Everyone has to make a living. Everything costs money. Even essential oils.

        Does your Doctor give away his time for free? Are Pharmaceutical medicines given away for free? Are the Pharmaceutical companies philanthropic benefactors who are keen to actually heal people and restore their health so they don’t need their drugs any more…..?

        Overtly biased articles don’t actually help what they are trying to achieve. They just make the writers’ agenda exceedingly transparent, and put them in the league of playground politics. It smacks of ‘control and contrive’ rather than giving people the freedom to make up their own minds and decisions. It suggests that the writer is far more informed and intelligent than I and that quite frankly, is insulting.

        I don’t need ‘random clinical trials’ to tell me what works – or what harms me. I have been VERY harmed over the years by drugs permitted on the basis of ‘clinical trials’. I’m afraid it has put my view of pharmaceutical science very much into the ‘quackery’ bracket. They decry long tried and trusted traditional remedies as ‘quackery’ but it takes one to know one……

        Goodness only knows how the human race managed to thrive, or even survive for thousands of years before ‘science’ was invented. The use of essential oils for health and well-being goes back many thousands of years. They were a large part of the trading culture around the World, and were prized for their qualities. Back then of course, people ‘only’ had anecdotal ‘evidence’ to go by, but when thousands and thousands of people get similar results from a product, that is a pretty good ‘clinical trial’ in my estimation – and one that is far more accurate and honest…….

        Traditional HEALING worked for thousands of years before Allopathy and Pharmacy bullied their way in to set up a SYMPTOM-SUPPRESSION SYSTEM. Personally I would rather heal and be well, than be forever chained to the controlling Medical system……

      • I recall folks like Ali usually spout off “Well, not feeding big pharma!” No, just Big Alterna. Like y’all don’t have your agendas.

  18. Essential Oils of Aromatic Plants with Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antiviral, and Cytotoxic Properties –
    an Overview by Jürgen Reichlinga Paul Schnitzlerb Ulrike Suschkea Reinhard Sallerc
    a Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology, Department of Biology,
    b Hygiene Institute, Department of Virology, University of Heidelberg, Germany
    c Institute of Complementary Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
    If you in fact want to research many of these essential oils assuming they are USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC as to what is actually in the bottle per the label, I suggest you go beyond PUBMED where much activity is controlled by Pharmaceutical companies. They have a conflict of interest to NOT invest in grounded valuable research unless their pockets are going to get lined. Above is one of MANY articles on the effective of different essential oils. Personally being fully disabled and chronically ill, getting an IV of IgG every 21 days for life, I pretty much no longer respond to antibiotics for ongoing infections. Being desperate to stop these infections from entering my kidneys, I added an alchemist’s recommendations to my drug protocol. And in fact, after 4 months of different antibiotics including an IV form, we go the infection to stop for 2 months and then start back up. Two more months of antibiotics and 11 days later it started again. I turned to a combination of topic essential oils suing the research paper above and I CURED this infection is less than 1 week with NO ANTIBIOTICS…. The truth is the MLM companies go too far is point that is valid including their claims but to say the OILS don’t work is going to the other extreme. I suggest both side in fact learn how to be a competent researcher, which i am. An dou will find that NON GMO USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS CAN AND DO HELP…. Especially the antiviral types of oils mentioned in the peer reviewed medical research paper above. You will not find “THIEVES OIL” in research but you will in fact find the individual oils and their proven validity. Here’s another peer reviewed PUBMED article on the effects of a essential oil. mmune-modifying and antimicrobial effects of Eucalyptus oil and simple inhalation devices.
    Sadlon AE1, Lamson DW.

  19. Let me tell you a story of a woman whose liver got destroyed thanks to three different doctors in my group I was seeing back in the 90’s, when it was popular to prescribe broad spectrum antibiotics for anything from viruses (yes that’s right, viruses, even though they KNEW they didn’t work on them) to sniffly noses, to other infections. Broad spectrum antibiotic OVER USE prescribed to me by doctors I TRUSTED has ruined my liver. And now, in my 40’s….. guess what? I’m allergic to EVERY single antibiotic except Vanco… and let’s hope I don’t develop allergy to that. But ask me what kind of living hell it is to need a root canal and the dentist can’t do it until I go into a hospital, get IV meds and antibiotics and watched close for reactions, all because i have a mild mitral valve prolapse. Ask me how crazed with fear I used to get, when strep was going around my family and I didn’t know what was going to happen to me if I got it.

    Those fears, thanks to essential oils and herbal medicine DO NOT exist on a day to day for me anymore. Oils and herbs has given me back my life!! I got strep throat, painted it with oil of oregano and BAM after two days it was gone, while it took my youngest two weeks to clear on TWO zpaks.

    I cleared cellulitis on my leg with tea tree and garlic capsules. Oh yes indeed I did. I cleared up a nasty cold virus with thieves and oil of oregano…. I was taking a turn for the worst at day 4, started on my oils and within 24 hours I took a turn for the better and got well in 2 more days completely.
    The propaganda fear piece about oils is not going to do any good for those who know better. People are waking up left and right to the lies flowing like an endless river from big Pharma.
    I remember a doctor telling me that Advil was safe to take every day for leg cramps… as long as it didn’t go beyond 4 a day, and taken with food, I’d be fine. EIGHT years later I suffer chest pain out of the blue… after a couple trips to the ER, cardiac work up and finally off to a GI specialist… we find I have an nasty ulcer… thanks to… yep, you guessed it…… ADVIL.

    I’m DONE trusting everything I’m told. I’ve fired doctors who do not treat me like a human and want to act smug and think they are God! And just for shits n giggles look up the HUGE list of side effects for Advil …. oh it’s amazing. No wonder people are SICK… and they are sick and tired of being SICK and tired, that’s why you will keep seeing people take their health into their hands. Doctors are good for emergency surgery, heart attack, etc… but the rest, boy do you SUCK. You guys have attacked Dr Oz endlessly but guess what…. he’s a REAL doctor…. who wants people to be WELL not sick and inundated with dozens of pill bottles sitting in their kitchens to take every day until they die…..

    • Blah blah blah. Anyone can be a doctor if they have the education and licensing credentials. Not every doctor that graduates is quality. Oz is one of them.

  20. You have got to be kidding! Science based pharmacy? Another joke? Our ancestors were not dumb. Our bodies are not dummies. If a body is doing something it is probable a wise thing. No one and nothing can compete with the intelligence of our bodies.
    Physicians are like James Bond- they have a license to kill with the help of a Science based pharmacy.

  21. You ask in your article if sellers of EO’s making certain health claims are prepared to deal with the fallout of serious injury or death. Dr. Ben Goldacre is on a similar mission to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable when they falsify drug studies and give misinformation to physicians. No one can deny that many, many drugs are pulled each year by various governmental regulating agencies when numerous adverse events and even death occur. “Safe and effective” has been proven wrong too many times to list here when it comes to prescription drugs. We’re not talking about misuse, we’re talking about side effects that are minimized by the pharmaceutical companies to keep selling their goods. Heck, Vioxx was left on the market, though black-boxed, for five years after other countries pulled it. It alone caused over 38,000 deaths in the USA, mostly cardiac events, before Merck pulled it. They paid out dearly in claims, but the money made was apparently worth keeping it on the market. I am not an EO user, but I have benefited from other alternative treatments that those in position to financially benefit from medical procedures and/or drug sales deem quackery. They will say anything negative to keep people in need of their drugs, surgeries, and other so-called approved treatments. Many hospitals in our area are now training nurses in aromatherapy, as well as employing alternative and integrative fields of medicine to heal patients when traditional treatments fail.

    • When I asked if they’re prepared to deal with the fallout, I was referring to the legality – they are not licensed health care professionals, so have no liability insurance. Practicing medicine without a licence can be a criminal matter.

      And I’m very familiar with the work of Dr. Goldacre. I’m a big fan of the AllTrials movement and highly recommend both Bad Science and Bad Pharma. (surprise … )

      Pulling out the Pharma Shill gambit is predictable. Notice, however, that this website does not run ads nor sell products. Also, many pharmacies sell essential oils and other alt-med products. So if I was in this for the money, why wouldn’t I just make it easier for myself and join the club? (never mind that, as a paid-by-the-hour employee I get no part of any sales)

      I’ll tell you why. Ethics and (lack of) evidence.

  22. To No Proof’s remark: “I would also suggest that you recall that at that time (pre-pharma and pre-modern medicine), the average life expectancy was a third of what it is today, and mortality rates for common diseases and viruses were exponentially higher. But oh yes, let’s celebrate the “good old days” when humans treated their ailments with shaman magic! (eye roll).”

    My response is this:

    Do you realize that the estimated life span of humans is now in it’s first generation of REDUCTION!! Between bad eating habits and pharma-pill popping, it’s no wonder we are starting to die sooner. Looking at things in that perspective, I would venture to say it is time to make a SERIOUS change in the way we view “health” care. What we eat and the medicines we take are now making us sick. I don’t balk at use of conventional medicine when it is necessary. That will never be my first option, however. And it will be interesting to see how all of the “quacks” investing in holistic health will fair in the end versus those who run straight to the pill bottle.

    • How is the “pill bottle” any different than running to an EO bottle? There is rampant hypocrisy in your statement. A drug is a drug, whether licensed or not.

  23. Lol. I don’t know who’s stupid enough to trust the voice of Big Pharma. You pharmacists are “the experts”. Hahahaha. Chiropractors, holistic doctors, acupuncturists heal people and save lives while you drug industry slaves kill people. Prescription drugs are no. 1 cause of death in the USA. You people are so full of crap, you make me sick. How could I possibly trust what you or “real doctors” recommend when you are all brainwashed and sold to the drug industry. When the drug industry sends doctors and pharmacists on expensive trips and takes them to meals in expensive restaurants weekly to reward them for promoting their poisonous drugs. Oh, but there’s no studies to prove that natural stuff works. As if we need studies or research to prove how powerful and effective nature is and how powerful the body is and how it can actually heal itself if you take care of it. Of course there are no studies because the drug industry has absolutely no interest in proving that natural remedies actually work. While small companies cannot afford to run studies. But smart people don’t need studies. They are not sheep like you to believe what the corrupt health industry says. Shame on you!!!!

    • Are you trying to say Young Living is a “small company” therefore they shouldn’t have to run safety and efficacy studies on their own products??!

      • Carolyn actually sounds more brainwashed. Does she not realize she’s just as much of a sheep as she claims us skeptics to be? I am 100% floored.

        At least the FDA has the authority to remove products off shelves. I don’t see that for alternative “medicine”

  24. Medication lead to toxic concentration in your body to develop and eventually lead to other conditions. Essential oils may take longer to feel the effect of because it’s gradual and does not shock your body organs to work by force but it will cure you without side effects and dangers linked to it. Open your mind and intelligence and don’t believe organizations just because the have the most power and money. Fda want to control its population and not necessarily always cure their citizens. It’s a money and power hungry corporations that don’t even inform their employees such as physicians about their truthful agenda, and if they do know, the get a yearly cut!

  25. Let’s not forget where medical started from. Herbs. Science took out active compounds then created medicine but added synthetic compounds . I really love how big pharma puts down what they have copied. Even today they send out scouts to the four corners of the earth to find plants and herbs for cures then make you go to a doctor and get a prescription. The Bible said that herbs are for the healing of the nations.Health has become not only a big money maker but a form of control.

  26. I think that this post is absolutely hilarious. A publication that calls itself Science Based Pharmacy let a person who gives NO credentials about her authority on the subject write a scathing and sarcastic article with NO scientific content or references cited in it or even at the end. The fact that it was full of sarcasm rather than any scientific fact should be screaming at anyone who is an objective reader. She likened Oil of Oregano and an alcoholic beverage and compared them to each other in a manner that is completely illogical. She states that the alcoholic beverage would change the conditions of the petri dish, thus effectively killing the bacteria. Yeah, that’s the same thing that Oil of Oregano does. And she makes no mention of the amount of Oil of Oregano used in vitro. This is just a ridiculous article and The Science Based Pharmacy Publication should be ashamed and retract it immediately.

  27. Where is your proof that Thieves doesn’t work and is ineffective against infections? All I see are a few biased quotes from “experts.” Point me to tangible, unbiased studies that have been conducted that PROVE essential oil therapy is ineffective. All I see here is a well written article with a few quotes from “experts.” I am not denouncing modern medicine. I believe that it is effective and works under the right circumstances. I believe that some of our medical advancements are phenomenal. However, I am also a believer that natural remedies are effective as well. Why can’t there be an integrated, holistic approach to our healthcare?

    • I fixed this for you:

      Where is your proof that Thieves works and is effective against infections? All I see in these comments are a few biased quotes from people who probably sell Thieves. Point me to tangible, unbiased studies that have been conducted that PROVE essential oil therapy is effective. All I see here is a well written article (thanks!) with a few quotes from “experts.”

      In all seriousness, the burden of proof is always on the ones who are making the claims of efficacy, in this case the makers and sellers of Thieves. Where I have provided quotes, the studies are actually hyperlinked in the text of the preceding paragraph. The quotes were pulled out of the referenced studies to highlight the conclusions as few people actually click on the links.
      If there are studies – specifically on Thieves – that demonstrate the claims they are making, please point me to them. I’d be happy to update this post if and when those studies are made available.

    • The burden of proof is on the person making the claims. Advocates, promoters and vendors of essential oils make clams that these products are effective. Show us the evidence.

      • Yes, but, the ‘claims’ have to be based on ‘clinical trials’. The Allopathic Edifice says so. Amen.

        People have used these oils – and still do – very effectively for thousands of years. The ‘clinical trials’ have already been done. And they didn’t need Allopathic medical permission, thank you very much.

        When the ‘controlling’ body – especially one that has ‘partisan’ interests sets itself up as the be-all and end-all of ‘knowledge and understanding, and that has ultimate say-so over the life or death of any product then there is always going to be bias.

        Which human, group or individual, has the right to declare itself the ultimate ‘expert’ on anything? Life is a continual learning curve -and one that humans, ‘expert’ or otherwise so very often get terribly, terribly wrong. Drugs have done and continue to kill and harm thousands and thousands of people, and those that allow them to be used are the ‘experts’ who claim long tried and tested oils to be ‘quackery’…??

        People are getting tired of all this. If pharmaceutical drugs were the answer, we would all be healthy, but we are not. Patience is wearing thin. Those who are prepared to ‘think outside the box’ and especially who have had bad experiences with drugs are stepping off the Medical merry-go-round and finding their own ways of healing.

        Between the huge dissatisfaction in diet, drugs, chemicals, etc., there is a big sea-change going on. It’s called the ‘wisdom of crowds’. Funny that. That’s exactly what Traditional Healing was always based on……

  28. It’s not complicated people, something either kills ebola (to use one example), or it doesn’t. If you have to “believe” in these snake oils, it’s because they couldn’t pass the test!!

  29. $30 for a bottle of thieves oil can last up to 5+ years when used with a carrier oil which is recommended solution. so to tout these EO companies make billions is ludicrous. let’s not mention the $7.99 monthly drugs, antibiotics,etce, and all that other crap ranging from $20 costs to $150 for mor pharmacy crap that last what a week to a month,maybe 2 months? get real…this article is a snow job paid for by pharma.

  30. just to add to the “where is the proof argument” to natural altenative medines…ugh that takes $$$ to allow for controlled studies as well government approval which they never will receieve.n there is no $ in spending hundreds or thousands of $ on a $20-$30 product that last 3-5 years. pharma is not willing to pay for studies because there is little to no $ made from EO, not to mention that oils is one of the oldest medicines around the world passed down from generations

  31. Personally, I think everybody commenting that has not used essential oils before should at least give them a try. Even if there isn’t a lot of research that has been done, or people “proving” how well they work, doesn’t mean there aren’t any benefits to using them. I have been using quite a few different essential oils in the past two years and I have personally experienced great results. They have helped my skin, my allergies, and my anxiety. I also love Thieves oil and I have found that it helps with moisturizing my skin, as well as helping with acne. So from my PERSONAL experience, it has proven itself to be antibacterial and aid in different things. So for everyone saying essential oils are ‘quackery’ please try them first. Nature has given us a lot of what our bodies need. I’m not saying we never need prescription medicine, but there is such a thing as preventative maintenance and looking into curing different ailments yourself instead of running to a doctor for everything.

  32. This has been a lively debate on both sides, but ultimately, what does it mean to have an en-vivo studies as Scott kept bringing up. It means pretty much nothing! These studies have been found to be slated over and over again. Additionally, we are great at acute treatments in Western medicine. Certainly if I’m in a car accidently I’ll not go to my acupuncturist but the nearest trauma center. But when it comes to chronic conditions like sinusitus, arthritis, etc, Western medicine is falling. So if you haven’t tried “alternative” treatments please don’t weigh in. And that doesn’t mean taking an herb once and saying see it didn’t work. They are not like taking Advil. You have to find out what works for you, but we’ve been scared into thinking we can’t find our own treatment for even minor conditions. That’s a shame.

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