Weekend reading


A shorter list of links today:


Great column on compassionate drug access.

Even healthy kids can die from influenza complications.

NHS staff ignores seven signs a patient was allergic to penicillin.

Health Canada actually has no power to force drug recalls.

Chemotherapy doesn’t work? Not so fast.

Ten cancer tests and treatments patients don’t need.

Another excellent read on pharmaceutical pricing.

Will the flu shot help my grandma and grandpa?

Getting drugs for executions is trying more difficult in the USA. Compounding pharmacies may step in.

Alternatives to Medicine

Is that human flesh in your supplement?


Fed up with food fearmongering.


Should we fear DNA testing?

How science can get it wrong.

Most inane thing you will read today: Which 9 household items will make your hormones go haywire?

The Cancer Chronicles on CBC’s Quirks & Quarks. (Podcast). Good listen for those that believe the “chemicals are giving us all cancer” myth.

Other stuff

What makes Kenyan runners so fast? A great Radiolab podcast.

David Sedaris on his sister’s suicide.