5 thoughts on “The problem with homeopathic “vaccines”

  1. Good video. I just hate it, though, when they say “unproven claims”, when they could just as accurately say “false”. I think the word “false” has much more impact on ignorant, gullible people, who think “unproven” just means that homeopathy is simply being discriminated against in research funding.

    • I also agree. The report doesn’t do enough to make it clear that these claims are totally and utterly FALSE. They (and others) need to delve into why “belief” is irrelevant to microorganisms. To simply focus of labels and disclaimers simply drives these practices underground–or to the internet since conspiracy theories are part and parcel of alt med.

    • i had a painfully bad back spasm a few years ago and silly western Jesuit controlled medicine marketed by the Bildenburgers brainwashed doctors did nothing other than support the satanic wheel rolling on.. but age old Homeopathy did the trick and cost next to nothing. go on western world and put mercury in your vaccines to make us all into brain dead slaves..just so you can sell us more than we need – i’m sure this will ruffle some feathers, good, prove me wrong and i’ll throw history at you!

      • Kurt, I am sorry to hear about your plight, and am glad that you found relief. I do think it is difficult for any type of health practitioner to when dealing with a case like yours, where you’re complaint is somewhat vague and the best thing they can do for a painful back spasm is provide you with some temporary relief. Clearly, in cases where mental illness is apparent, this becomes much more complicated. A person with severe mental illness often does not know what his/her diagnosis is, what meds they are supposed to be taking or whether their back will feel much better with some ice. Just pointing out how situations can differ drastically depending on the observer. Good post though………I guess.

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