Google Reader is Closing: Here’s what you need to know

Actually, it isn't. We'll all be just fine after Google Reader dies.

Actually, it isn’t. We’ll all be just fine after Google Reader dies.

Hundreds of SBP’s readers follow this blog using RSS and Google Reader.  Some link their Google Reader account to sites like Flipboard and Zite.  If this is you, read on:

Google Reader will close down on July 1. If the way you access SBP relies on this application, you need to make some choices to stay updated with its content.

  1. Switch to a new RSS reader. I’m really impressed with Feedly, and think it’s actually better than Google Reader. One click to transfer your feeds to Feedly, if you’re already subscribed via Google Reader.  There are other alternatives to Feedly, too. Here’s another list of alternatives.
  2. Subscribe to SBP by email.
  3. Follow SBP on Facebook. Posts will always be linked on the FB page, and there’s lots of bonus content too.
  4. Follow me on Twitter, where I will always link to posts.

Thank you for your continued support and interest. We are nearing 1 million visits to SBP.