(Long) Weekend Reading


If you’re lucky to have a long weekend, enjoy. Here’s an extra dose of reading:

A highly recommended post on screening, lead time bias, and length bias: Once more into the screening breach: The New York Times did not kill your patient

Also recommended, especially for pharmacists and other HCPs: The Ethics of Referring Patients for Alternative Medical Therapies

The blog I contribute to, Science-Based Medicine, now has a series of ebooks. Some of my posts are in them.

Diet and Nutrition

The “paleo” diet is popular now which based on both the naturalistic fallacy as well as nostalgia for what some feel is a period when people were healthier. There have been a few good posts on the topic:

Don’t Fear the ‘Frankenfish’: Why Rich Americans Should Drop Their War on Genetically Modified Foods

How the gluten-free diet fad is making it harder, not easier, for those with celiac disease: Will Everyone Please Eat Gluten? Please? Because You Are Literally Killing Me, Kind Of.


The Number Of Early Childhood Vaccines Not Linked To Autism

CDC Reports About 90 Percent of Children Who Died From Flu This Season Not Vaccinated

How vaccine scares cast shadows over science

Autism prevalence is reported to be 1 in 50, and the antivaccine movement goes wild…again

Why don’t teens get shots for HPV and other diseases? Parental worries grow as evidence of benefits mount.

Other Health

The Fluoride Controversy from Dr. Joe Schwarcz. Also from Joe: Relax – food chemicals can’t hurt you.

Worst Magazine Cover of the Year? Time’s cover is wrong, grandiose, and cruel.

Chelation For Heart Disease: Not What You Have Read

Is pharmacy just a loss leader profession? Free statins in aisle 6: US supermarket chain giving away atorvastatin

The “myth” of placebo effects

On transparency in medicine: Ushering in a New Era of Open Science Through Data Sharing

Traditional Chinese Medicine is driving some species extinct. Could fake medicine save rare animals?


The questionable Myers-Briggs test

Photo from flickr user Grant MacDonald used under a CC licence.