An open letter to Rexall pharmacists

Rexall advertisement

“Trusted homeopathic remedies offer an alternative way to naturally treat symptoms”

Dear Rexall pharmacist:

Please refer to the advertisement above.

Rexall is advertising you as a source of information for homeopathy. I’d like some information on the efficacy and the ethics of selling magic beans in place of medicine. Here’s an open thread to either defend or decry Rexall’s advertisement. Are you comfortable promoting an elaborate placebo system? Is this what you went to pharmacy school to promote?

Kind regards,

Concerned science-based pharmacists everywhere

Photo credit: Dr. Terry Polevoy

4 thoughts on “An open letter to Rexall pharmacists

  1. We seriously need laws that say if you wish to make a claim for anything, not just medicine. You gotta have clear peer-reviewed science to back it up or you’ll get fined OUT OF BUSINESS.

    It’s harmful for progress.

  2. I think the word is finally getting out – where I used to get people buying it anyway, more and more I’m finding people rolling their eyes when I explain it to them and then subsequently asking me for something that works. Now if only the corporate overlords would help us out and top forcing it onto our shelves….

    • Tell them you won’t sell them. Call the Competition Bureau that you are being forced to sell crap. And tell them you are also selling deadly products like energy drinks, too.
      Your profession needs to take a stand against quackery and pedaling dangerous poducts.
      The ad I sent in above ran again yesterday.

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