Weekend Reading

Antivax Bingo

Articles and links of interest to advocates of science, medicine, and pharmacy:

Why, in 2013, is Simon Fraser University hosting an anti-vaccine conference?

From Skeptic North: Is Dr. Oz breaking Canadian law? Dr. Oz, Bryce Wylde, and the Canadian Law Against “False or Misleading News”

Emily Willingham is one of my favorite science writers. Here’s her Forbes column pointing out some important truths: There’s Nothing Special About Alternative Medicine.

Mark Bittman thinks sugar is toxic. No, It’s Not the Sugar: Mark Bittman and Mother Jones have overinterpreted another study. And here’s another critique from David L. Katz at Yale.

Dr. Rob Tarzwell has a fantastic YouTube series called One Minute Medical School. If sugar is a toxin, our bodies have pretty sophisticated ways of using it.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a horrible tragedy that we don’t really understand. Chiropractors, however, think chiropractic can prevent SIDS. A good review of the claims and the science.

Anti-science rhetoric and beliefs are not restricted to any political persuasion. Vaccination, nuclear energy, GMOs are all anti-science favourite of the left. This panel on The Anti-Science Left is from TVO’s The Agenda features Michael Shermer, Chris Mooney, and Mark Lynas.

So frustrating. Your children will probably grow up in a world where the rhinoceros is extinct, thanks to the demand for its horn for Traditional Chinese Medicine. If there is one positive thing I can say about homeopathy, it’s that it’s not driving species extinct:

Rick Mercer’s Rant – Scientists muzzled again.

Open letter to anti-fluoridians, where the “global fluoride conspiracy” is exposed.

So awesome: Star Wars: Interjections.