2012 in review

Thank you for following this blog. While posts are less frequent than I’d like, the blog received about 290,000 views in 2012. Regular traffic is now over 800 visitors per day, from 190+ countries (so far). Here are SBP’s most popular posts from 2012:

  1. Green Coffee Beans for weight loss: Dr. Oz loves it, but where’s the evidence? Watch for a follow-up post on green coffee beans in the near future.
  2. Food intolerance blood tests have no place in the pharmacy: A lot of people were seeking the facts and evidence behind unvalidated IgG food sensitivity tests, like Hemocode.
  3. Wobenzym N: A closer look at “systemic” enzyme therapy: Popular in pharmacies, but no evidence to show it’s effective.
  4. Should you take expiry dates seriously? A closer look at how expiry dates are calculated, and what it means to you, the consumer.
  5. When homeopathy is approved as an insect repellent, there’s a serious regulatory problem: On the ridiculous “Mozi-Q”, illustrating the absurdity of Canada’s natural health products regulations.
  6. You can’t cleanse away a smoking addiction: For every malady there’s a “cleanse” that is claimed to offer benefit.
  7. Super Cold-Treatment Reference Spectacular! A summary of what works, and what doesn’t, for the treatment of the common cold.
  8. Is gluten the new Candida? Going gluten-free is the newest fad in dieting, driven in part by alternative health providers (and pharmacists) who offer unvalidated sensitivity tests.
  9. Developing your scientific skepticism: The Tu Quoque Fallacy: One in an irregular series on logical fallacies.
  10. What FX? CBC’s Marketplace looks at Cold-fX: Marketplace did a fair job looking at the claims and evidence behind this popular ginseng supplement.

A few of my favorite posts didn’t make the top 10:

With over 550 email and RSS subscribers, 250 followers on Facebook, over 3000 followers on Twitter, and a steadily increasing number of daily visitors, something is resonating with readers. Well, not all readers. While I receive lots of positive feedback, I get my share of hate mail, too. Here’s my favorite from 2012:

I’d say you are a dangerous moron, but hopefully you are largely ignored, and are therefore just a moron. I have corrected numerous ailments with natural products over the past thirty years and have never experienced any side effects at all from them.
[long list of health conditions and remedies] Shame on you. Open a hardware store or something where you won’t damage anyone’s health.
All the best to all of you in 2013.

One thought on “2012 in review

  1. If anyone is judging you as dangerous, I guess that is because you are to the kind of cheats, swindlers and hustlers that prey on the gullible. And we can all be gullible from time-to-time…

    Keep up the good work!

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