Dispensing in 140 character increments

Some of the people I follow on twitter

It’s nice to be acknowledged for your work, even if it’s just for creating 140 character messages. James Fell who writes for Chatelaine magazine and is also active on Twitter, recently published a list at Chatelaine: The Ten Best Health Experts to Follow on Twitter. And guess who made the list?

8. Scott Gavura Toronto-based pharmacist who advocates for science-based healthcare. A skeptic and critic of pseudo-science.

I’ve been using Twitter for a few years now and find it’s a great tool for learning, educating, and connecting with people that share similar interests. If you like the blog and wish I’d update it more frequently, follow me on Twitter where you’ll see a lot more relevant content that I just don’t have time to blog. I’ve got a fair number of followers and follow about 500 people – a mix of scientists, science writers, journalists, health professionals, and more. I’m not surprised by some of the other “best health experts” on James’ list – I already follow Julia Belluz, André Picard , Yoni Freedhoff and Timothy Caulfield, and you should too.  If you’re not already using Twitter, check it out. What happens on Twitter right now is today’s newscast and tomorrow’s newspaper.

One thought on “Dispensing in 140 character increments

  1. Ha! Just found a fellow skeptic, rich stuff here. I am not big on twitter but have an account and will sign on. Kudos to chasing down all the malarky out there. Dr. (MD) Samantha. PS Grampa was a pharmacist class of ??? 1932 ish. He compounded old school. Taught me, for the most part he said, vitamins make expensive pee 😉

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