Check out today’s xkcd. Follow the image link to the main site, and move your cursor over the comic to see Randall’s commentary on pharmacies selling homeopathy.

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One thought on “Alternative….Literature?

  1. Hi Scott,
    Your interview on Point of Inquiry was excellent!

    Question for you: I’ve started experimenting with the use of QR codes in education and it struck me that every prescription medication or OTC Rx for that matter should have a QR code on the label that would link the patient to a website that would have all of the information needed to take the drug safely. Do you think this is something that the Canadian pharmaceutical industry would consider?

    I am a paramedic and when I look at a patient’s meds while en route to the hospital, it would also be nice to get instant information on the drugs with which I am not familiar.

    Rob Theriault
    professor or paramedicine, Georgian College
    Advanced Care Paramedic

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