Skeptics in the Pub – The References

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Thank you to everyone that attended my talk yesterday at Skeptics In the Pub on the topic of Over-The-Counter drugs. I enjoyed the opportunity to speak, and all the discussion it generated.  As promised, here’s a list of references and further readings. Some are written by myself, some by my colleagues at Science-Based Medicine or other blogs. Some are direct link to the source material.

Regulatory Framework for OTC drugs: Why are some drugs prescription, and others over-the-counter?

Rx, OTC, BTC – Wading into Pharmacy’s Alphabet Soup

Children’s Cough and Cold Products

What’s with the new cough and cold products?

Cough and Cold Products for Children: Risk and No Benefit

Natural Health Products Regulations

Safe and Effective? A Consumer’s Guide to Natural Health Products

Horny Goat Weed


Placebo Effects

Placebo effects for pain

Placebo effects revisited

What is Science-Based Medicine?

Of SBM and EBM Redux. Part I: Does EBM Undervalue Basic Science and Overvalue RCTs?

Of SBM and EBM Redux. Part II: Is it a Good Idea to test Highly Implausible Health Claims?

Of SBM and EBM Redux. Part III: Parapsychology is the Role Model for “CAM” Research

Of SBM and EBM Redux. Part IV: More Cochrane and a little Bayes

Of SBM and EBM Redux. Part IV, Continued: More Cochrane and a little Bayes

The risks of CAM: How much do we know?

John Ioannidis: Why Most Published Research Findings are False

Withdrawn: Cochrane review of Oscillococcinum

Weight loss using a meal replacement strategy or orlistat or green tea

Reviews of herbal products and other supplements from Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (subscription required).

(For credible, science-based information on obesity and weight loss, check out Weighty Matters, Obesity Panacea, and Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes)

The detox myth

Resolving to lose weight?

The drugstore detox delusion

Fashionably toxic

Cough and Colds

The Common Cold Centre

Common Cold Resource Site

Treating the Common Cold

Ginseng and Cold-fX and this post, from Ottawa Skeptics.

Neti Pots

Echinacea for Colds and the Flu

Echinacea for Cold and Flu

Assessment of the antitussive efficacy of codeine in cough associated with the common cold.

Other Topics Discussed

Do calcium supplements cause heart attacks?

Epsom Salt

Anti-inflammatory drug toxicity, cardiovascular risks, and topical products.

Further readings

Snake Oil Science, Trick or Treatment, and Bad Science.

Blogs to follow: Science-Based PharmacyScience-Based Medicine,  Skeptic North, and the Web of Trust Project.

If I’ve neglected anything, let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Skeptics in the Pub – The References

  1. I’ve had considerable experience working in the ‘natural’ food industry and
    was schocked to find out that they are really just the flip side of pharmaceutical companies – making unfounded claims as a result of unethical practices. And the Natural Food Industry is also guilty of making claims after unethical animal research. (However, ALL animal research is unethical). I know this because a highly respected Vitamin company approached me when I was doing Media Relations. The Media Release that was enclosed left me filling ill and in shock – artificially inducing primates with cancer (they are not pre-disposed to this in the wild), then administering hiigh levels of Vit. C to claim a ‘cure’. This is just one sickening example. Needless to say I declined the ‘opportunity.’ For what it’s worth, the company is SISU in Canada, in connection with ‘Intercal’ in the U.S.

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