DrNatura & Colonix – More Detox Delusion

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Here’s an email I received the other day:

Hi again David

I sent you an email last week and never heard back so I wanted to try you again. My company, DrNatura would love for you to try a free Colonix product so you can test it out and let the readers of Science-Based Pharmacy  know what you think. We sell this product mainly through our website and in some retail locations for $60 dollars, but I’d be happy to send it to you right away at no charge. The Colonix Program is a way to reclaim your body’s natural ability to cleanse and detoxify while retuning to a balanced state of health.

I’ve put together this microsite for you to share any or all of the content with your readers – there are tips, symptoms and testimonials about Colonix and DrNatura:


If you are interested in trying the product, please let me know and I’ll get it right out to you. If you are able to post a mention or tweet, it would go a long way to help get the word out about this great product, so please let me know.

Thank you so much,


I’ll pass on the generous offer of a sample. In order to give a science-based review of any detox kit, we need to look at the science, and not rely on testimonials.

Detox Primer

Demonstrating the efficacy of a detox kit should be straightforward:

  1. Tell us what the toxins are
  2. Provide evidence these toxins are causing harm
  3. Demonstrate your detox kit actually removes these toxins
  4. Demonstrate we’re healthier because of it

Unfortunately, detox kit manufacturers don’t answer these simple questions. Why? Because detox isn’t about removing toxins at all.  Detox is a marketing slogan that feeds a conscious or subconscious need for purification or cleansing.

Detox kits were the second topic I covered when I started this blog. When I first encountered these products in the pharmacy I was baffled. Who would buy these products? Then I read the ads – and I started wondering if I needed a detox. Do I ever feel fatigued? Yes! Tired? Yes! Bloated? Yes! But who doesn’t feel vague, non-specific unpleasant symptoms now and then?

Take a look at the site for Colonix. No scientific evidence of benefit is provided, just lots of vague claims and testimonials. It looks just like every other detox product you see on a pharmacy’s shelves.

Unfortunately, there’s no scientific evidence that a product that you can buy off the shelf will “cleanse” your bad lifestyle choices. Some argue that these kits do little harm, and may offer psychological benefit to people looking to make a break from what they acknowledge wasn’t healthy.  But the idea that health and dietary mistakes can simply be flushed away by taking a detox product is misleading. The best way to avoid these problems? Avoid them in the first place.

I continue to stand behind my previous evaluation of detox kits: their effects at cleansing seem restricted to the contents of your wallet. If anyone advises your to try a detox kit, ask the four questions above.  Demand scientific evidence, and not testimonials, for the health products you buy.

4 thoughts on “DrNatura & Colonix – More Detox Delusion

  1. “Because detox isn’t about removing toxins at all. Detox is a marketing slogan that feeds a conscious or subconscious need for purification or cleansing.”

    Take a look around you. Mercury in your mouth, pesticides on non-organic food, artificial hormones in your meat, paint, pesticides, plastics, women using artificial hormones, pollution…. and you think your system doesn’t need cleaning?

    Seems like your heavy metal toxicity has got the better of your brain.

    And before you start saying none of this can be proven go check out heavy metal toxicity testing.

    Good luck.

  2. Celeste, the way an argument works is that one most provide evidence for one’s assertions, not ask one’s interlocutors to look up the proof for whatever broad pronouncements one might wish to make. An excellent place to start to find serious references is the US National Institutes of Health Pubmed web site, which catalogues scientific journal articles on health. I would be happy to welcome you back for further discussion on any points you make backed up by serious evidence.

  3. Hi Art,

    I would suggest widening the circle of knowledge to increase your education, energy and health…

    Serious evidence –

    1. Heavy Metals / Amalgam, Mercury
    – Mercury, Amalgam and its effects
    – Toxic Dentistry Exposed Book

    Here you will find about 250 references.
    I don’t know if I can copy and paste them in here – it might be a copyright issue – but you can check out the link which lists them all.

    2. Artificial hormones (eg contraceptive pill and other hormonal contraceptives and artificial hormones in the environment ie paint, pesticides etc)

    His references again are too long probably to post here and could be against copyright but you can view them all at:

    3. Treatments for Nuclear Contamination / Vaccinations / Radiation
    Dr Mark Sircus’s work.
    His work is extensive and he has written many books on many subjects and has an informative blog with references on many posts eg’s
    eg http://blog.imva.info/medicine/autism
    “The new findings, which surprised the researchers, suggest that a mother’s exposure to industrial air pollutants while pregnant might increase her child’s risk of autism.[6] ”

    4. Heavy Metal detox
    Research on use of their product of removing heavy metals:

    And all their articles on the different types of toxicity.
    These are articles contain references to academic research.

    Toxic Metals and Antioxidants
    Chlorella and Dioxins

    Toxins can poison babies even before they are born.
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    Chemicals in Newborn Baby Eskimos
    Lead and Your Health: A Health Brochure
    Lead and Performance in Children
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    Global Mercury AssessmentMercury toxicity, mercury poisons the body. HMD effectively removes mercury from yoru body.
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    Amalgams release toxic mercury into your body. Take HMD to protect yourself.Amalgam Related Illness – FAQ’s
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    Autism: A Novel Form of Mercury PoisoningMercury from vaccines has been linked to autism.
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    Mercury in FishMercury in fish and sushi can harm your body. Detox with HMD.
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    Chemicals and WildLife: A Cause for ConcernHMD is the only chelator that removes Uranium from your body.
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    The Food Chain and PCB’s
    The Food Chain and PFC’s
    The Food Chain and Phthalates
    The Food Chain and PBDE’s
    Pesticides and Children’s Health

    My aim is not to argue – only to enlighten and educate.

    I have no idea about this particular product but we live in a toxic environment and that is a fact

    I do hope you will review the following resources so that you can make more informed decisions in the future for yourself and your family and increase your own wellbeing and health by whatever means you see best.

    All the best

    • Celeste, your aim appears to be to inundate people with misinformation until they start agreeing with you. However, let’s apply the Sen. Franken rule to this, shall we? Just to save time?
      I find ONE point you raised that’s nonsensical, refers to discredited or totally unproven hypotheses, and we consider that the whole of your rant cannot be taken seriously.

      Thimerosal -> autism: DISCREDITED
      That’s your entire Mercury and autism section, for which you don’t even give a reference.

      However, let’s be nice and give some of the rest a cursory glance it doesn’t deserve:

      – You seem to have a bee in the bonnet about mercury. Not a shred of evidence for all the issues that seem to worry you, nor how they might affect us or the environment (is there that much mercury in the world?). I am not saying our environment is perfect; I am saying that if you want to be taken seriously you need to provide solid proof.

      – I clicked on your first link, but since the webshite it leads to uses more space on selling books (always a bad sign, when “doctors” want to make you pay to discover what they’re gibbering about) and hormones than in providing information, I call foul on that one too.

      – Another site is flogging chelation. Chelation is considered to be useless at best, at worst actively dangerous. Again, when someone is trying to sell me some sort of miracle cure for undefined ills (I think I’d notice if I had heavy metal poisoning), I am very suspicious of ‘studies’ and ‘research’ they have conducted on their own.

      More on detox and why it’s a scam? Try this site as well (I can play the self-referential game too) http://blog.anarchic-teapot.net/2011/09/25/gut-reactions/

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