Part Fills for June 29

A few short updates on topics of interest to SBP visitors.

I was on the Skeptically Speaking radio show a few weeks ago discussing vitamins. If you missed the live broadcast, you can download the podcast here. I’ll be blogging about the vitamins soon.  For a preview, here’s a nice summary of the evidence supporting vitamin supplementation for cancer prevention.

In the United Kingdom, physicians are calling on pharmacists to work to evidence-based standards. They’re also raising concerns about “unproven” and “unhelpful” products sold in pharmacies. It’s expected that physicians will call for a ban on goverment funding for homeopathy.

From the antivaccine files, intentionally unvaccinated children resulted in a measles outbreak in California. And no, measles isn’t innocuous – it still kills. Also in California, the state has just  declared an epidemic after whooping cough killed five infants.

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And a nice post from David Bradley at Science Base, on the evidence behind several herbal remedies: 10 Herbal Remedies:  Cohosh or Tosh?

From Science-Based Medicine:

From Skeptic North: