Welcome to Pharmacy 2.0

It’s the not-so-distant future. A new patient tells you that he’s been reading reviews of your pharmacy online. He suffers from a chronic disease and your pharmacy’s specialty services were recommended in an article by a local blogger. Later that day, while you’re talking with a new mom about the safety of routine immunizations for her children, she references Facebook, YouTube and something she calls “mommy blogs” when discussing concerns over autism and seizure disorders. After work, you’re introduced to a local physician at the gym who has just opened a new practice. You ask for her business card, and she replies, “I’m on LinkedIn.” That night, the local news reports the results of a huge research trial. Anticipating phone calls and questions when you get to work tomorrow morning, you wonder where you can quickly find some of the experts’ thoughts on this new data.

How can pharmacists adapt to, and successfully use, social networking? That’s the topic of an article written by Kelly Grindrod and me just published in the latest edition of the Canadian Pharmacists Journal. Go check it out.