Upcoming Talk: Why Do We Make Bad Health Care Decisions?

I’ll be speaking on Friday, May 28, in Toronto, at the Centre for Inquiry about how science advocates can help support better decision-making about health:

Despite the dramatic improvements in the extent and quality of our lives, largely owing to modern medicine, our current health care system has fostered a backlash, manifested in part by the emergence of non-science-based “alternative” health care practices. This trend has driven a need for dialogue on how best we should balance evidence-based decisions against demands for consumer choice – regardless of the science. In this presentation, Scott Gavura will discuss how health care decision-making differs from other goods and services, and how this impacts on the choices we make, both as individuals, and in aggregate. Through an interactive discussion, he will facilitate a dialogue on the opportunities for science advocates to effect positive change in health at the patient- and population-level.

The talk is great value-for-money: $5, $4 for students, FREE for CFI Members.

Details here, and if you want to RSVP on Facebook, you can do that here.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Talk: Why Do We Make Bad Health Care Decisions?

  1. Hi, Scott

    Congrats on this talk. It sounds important and interesting. Any chance an audio of it will be posted for those of us too far away to get to Toronto for the presentation? As in CT, and NY, USA?



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