New Gig: Science-Based Medicine

An announcement: I’ll be joining the Science-Based Medicine team of bloggers. I’m pretty excited. The Science-Based Pharmacy blog was inspired by the work of Drs. Gorski and Novella, who founded the SBM blog, and I’m honoured to be invited to contribute. Science-Based Medicine is the leading blog about science, medicine, and pseudoscience, and there’s a superb group of bloggers on the team. All of the contributors to SBM are fantastic, and several have their own personal blogs, too. I strongly recommend you follow Dr. Peter Lipson’s White Coat Underground, Abel Pharmboy’s Terra Sigillata, and Dr. Mark Crislip’s Quackcast podcast, in addition to SBM.

Science-Based Pharmacy isn’t going anywhere – it’s going to continue to be my primary blogging location. And there’s lots to talk about in the pharmacy profession. Coming up very soon: vitamins in the pharmacy.

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