Two more picks for your library

Here’s two other great references that I neglected to mention in my last post. Both would make great gifts as well…

An Apple a Day – This book on nutrition is written by Joe Schwarcz, Director of McGill University’s Office for Science and Society. It covers the gamut of nutritional questions that come up. From tomatoes and lycopene, to flax, to oats and soluble fibre, to artificial sweeteners, fluoride, organic food, acrylamide and hormones in meat. He also examines (and dismisses) alt-health nostrums such as detox and alkali diets.  Each chapter is about 6 pages, so Schwarcz gets right to the point, summarizes the science, and then makes some bottom-line recommendations. It’s all done in an easy-to-read and accessible style. My only complaint is that while Schwartz does mention the sources of most of his data, he does not use formal citations, which would help a reader verify his conclusions. Overall, Schwarcz’s approach is cautious and pragmatic and appears consistent with the science.  As a general reference, for a non-health-professional (or health professional) curious about food controversies, you probably can’t do better than this book. And check out the Office for Science and Society’s web page, where they debunk the idea that homeopathy can be useful for the flu.

They Might Be Giants – Here Comes Science (CD/DVD) – This fantastic CD/DVD combo is highly recommended for any parent – and even if you don’t have kids, it’s a great package. TMBG is an alternative rock band that’s been together since the 1980s. Once they started having kids, they started producing some family-friendly music. And with Here Comes Science, they hit it out of the park. If you want your kids to get excited about science, this is a great start. Check out a few of their videos below – from singing about the periodic table, to the scientific method (Put it to the Test).  But the title track pretty much says it all, and sums up nicely the underlying theme of Science-Based Pharmacy: Science is Real.

And here are few others from the CD…

Meet the Elements:

Put it to the Test: