The Physics of Homeopathy Explained: Part Two

How does homeopathy work?  It uses the dilithium matrix to stabilize the warp pressure enough to maintain the inertia necessary to gather deuterium particles with the brassard collectors. Oh wait, that’s Star Trek.








But via the hilarious site Homeopathy World Community comes this gem, which isn’t much different. Sit back and enjoy.

Homeopaths are still struggling to explain how water can have medicinal effects.  Rather than admitting that these treatments are profoundly unscientific, and don’t actually work, they string together meaningless technobabble to make homeopathy sound scientific. But it’s a belief system – nothing more.  And these tortured explanations are increasingly resembling self-parody.



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  1. Perhaps because pharmacists are not able to understand the concept of clathrates, you consider the discussion about them to be “meaningless technobabble”. As the man in the video said, there is physical evidence for their existence. Whether or not they provide an explanation for what the speaker considers to be the effectiveness of homeopathic preparations is another question. If you want to ridicule the use of homeopathy you might at least refer to published data for and against its claims….or do you avoid this approach because not all the findings are negative?

  2. “Perhaps because pharmacists are not able to understand the concept of clathrates”

    Perhaps its the opposite. Pharmacists have a background that enables them to sort out what is real from the technobabble. They also have the tendency to look at expert advice. Guess what the experts say?

  3. m. filosa – the reason there are no links to published studies that support homeopathy is quite simple. There are none.

  4. Homeopathy: Placebo or Verum?
    by John Benneth (producer of the video in question)
    Because they are so diluted, are homeopathic remedies placebos, do they work because of nothing more than my imagination?
    No, homeopathic remedies are not placebos, they are verum, they are for real, their active ingredients are nanocrystalloids.
    The proof that they are not placebos is that they work on plants, animals and babies, and they are verum because their action can be seen biochemically, in vitro and in clinical double blind experiments, some of low quality, some quite rigorous and of the highest standards, and many more in between. Every metanalysis and review with the exception of one, Shang, has concluded that homeopathy is not placebo, and Shang has been dismissed because it (Egger) didn‘t name his sources.
    Tsk tsk tsk!
    So now who are the pseudo scientists? The opponent of homeopathy clings to science as his God, but when confronted with its science, science becomes his demon, for no one can confront the literature and reasonably believe that homeopathy is a placebo. Support for homeopathy has now been published in numerous peer reviewed journals, such as the Lancet, Nature, Scientific World, the British Medical Journal, the International Journal of Oncology, Inflammation Research and JAMA and many others. Ripping at their hair I can hear them yell, “lies, all lies,” but its true. The statement that homeopathy is placebo is at best nothing more than a hypothesis, that in itself has yet to be proved, and never will be. I ask you, can the opponents of homeopathy name one peer reviewed study that proves it is a placebo? Don’t weasel, a failure to replicate is not proof for placebo. If the effects of homeopathy are that of placebo, then why have two professors of psychiatry (Schwartz, Bell, University of Arizona) voiced their support for it as verum with a physical test? Answer that conundrum! If they belived it to be placebo, where is their test for placebo?
    Fair questions deserve fair answers, just as extraordinary claims deserve extraordinary evidence, and as it turns out, the claim that homeoapthy is a placebo, is quite “extra ordinary,” and the evidence for it is ZERO.
    It is now accepted by the AMA for advanced credit. It is regulated by the US FDA. It is licensed within the United States and other countries. In fact, the founder of the FDA was a homeopath, Senator Royal Copeland, a former health commissioner of New York City!
    Excuse me while I laugh in the face of my dear detractors! Ha ha ha!
    It is the second most used form of medicine in the world today, second only to traditional Chinese medicine.
    In France, one out of every four prescriptions is homeopathic.
    It is the most widely practiced form of medicine in India today, where one clinic, the Banerji clinic serves 2,000 patients a day.
    In the United States, from an examination of over 50,000 cases reporting the results of treatments for influenza by medical doctors during the 1918 H1N1 pandemic, half of which were treated with homeopathy, the survival rate for homeopathic patients was 28 times greater than any other reported treatment! Whereas medical doctors who did not use homeopathy to treat the flu were losing an average of 28% of their patients, homeopaths were losing only 1%! (and most of those who delayed too long)
    So what are my detractors trying to say? That all of these people, scientists, medical doctors, licensed professionals and hundreds of millions of users over two centuries are all wrong? That two living Nobel prize winning scientists are delusional? Read Prof. Brian Josephson’s (1973, physics, the Josephson effect) remarks:
    Read the study by virologist Luc Montaignier (co-discoverer of the AIDS virus) that shows aqueous high dilutes as used in homeopathy emit electromagnetic signals:
    Now who’s laughing even louder? If homeopathy is a delusion, it is a grand and persistent one, surviving two centuries of the same ignorant abuse as is heaped on it by the type of ignoramuses that have posted their drivel on this website!
    I prefer the company I am in, thank you, and will remain so, until someone, please can prove to me that homeopathy is a placebo!
    In 2007, the Cubans stopped the annual swamp fever epidemic by administering homeopathic leptospirosis prophylaxis in 2.5 million doses. This year, the Cubans are rumored to be administering 10 million homeopathic doses to prevent the flu! They get it, they understand it, they don’t have a pharmaceutical monopoly telling them what to believe!
    But despite the obvious longstanding and overwhelming evidence for homeopathy, the toxic synthetic patent medicine monopoly wants to convince the regulatory agencies and you, the public at large, that homeopathy is nothing more than placebo. But as test after test, study after study reveals, homeopathy is not a placebo, it is verum!
    Put it to the test yourself and see.
    Homeopathy is an elegant and comprehensive form of medical treatment administered by highly educated professionals who must pass rigorous clinical training before they are certified (NASH), just like any other advanced medical profession and in doing so they become witness to remarkable healings.
    Within the homeopathic remedy there are physical distinctions that identify the hydrate clathrates, nanocrystalloids van der Wal forces make out of hydrogen bonding, ice cages entrapping gas. Clathrates were first identified by Sir Humphry Davy in 1810. These aqueous nanostructures do not form the h-remedy without the presence of oxygen, or without the use of standard soda glass, they do not form in plastic, wax of borosilicate containers, because regular glass vibrates, and it is vibration that creates these nanostructures.
    This super cavitation is now being studied by other areas of interest as nanobubbles. Solutions containing ozone nanobubbles have less drag and require less pumping in mass quantity. They are 51 times more antiseptic than chlorine. I tell you this to show that this is a real phenomenon, it is being studied from many different angles. Read The Structure Of Liquid Water; Novel Insights From Materials Research; Potential Relevance To Homeopathy by Professors Rustum Roy, W.A. Tiller, Iris Bell, M. R. Hoover, Materials Research Innovations 9:4, 577-608, (2005) .
    Tiller is the former head of the Stanford material sciences department. Roy is the head of the material sciences department at Pennsylvania State University. What are the names of our detractors? Deathskull, rotodog, clownprince, pseudonyms for pseudo scientists who have no credentials and cetainly no published peer reviewed reports to support their imagination.
    Homeopathy has been supported by the testimony of three Nobel prize winners. Recently Luc Montaignier, the co discoverer of the AIDs virus, has reported that using equipment designed for the purpose of identifying homeopathic solutions (Benveniste), he has confirmed earlier reports that high dilutions as used in homeopathy, in this case bacterial DNA sequences, emit an electromagnetic signal.
    My detractors will frantically try to cover all this up and laughingly tell you that it is false, that the studies are of low quality, that they have never been replicated, that no study has ever survived double blinding, that no study has ever been replicated, that no long term statistically relevant trial has ever been conducted and that every piece of evidence submitted in support of homeopathy stands alone.
    None of it is true.
    There are exhaustive, double blinded, replicated in vitro experiments and studies proving homeopathy that have been of the highest qualtity; read the Witt review; examine Belon; study Boyd. The German health insurance industry produced a long term cohort clinical study of almost 4,000 patients treated with homeopathy and found it to be effective and inexpensive. The Brazilians recently produced a high quality double blinded, double dummied pilot study comparing homeopathy with fluoxetine for the treatment of depression in 91 patients and found homeopathy to be just as effective as Prozac without the contraindications of Prozac. This is just tip of the iceberg, much of the data in support of homeopathy can be seen at my website,
    No one can honestly confront this literature for homeopathy and reasonably cling to the placebo hypothesis to oppose it. No one. If this is not true then prove it, prove it in the same way that experiments have proved it to be verum.
    The evidence for verum is overwhelming, it is extensive as it is exhaustive, in stark contrast for evidence of placebo, the evidence for which is ZERO. The opposition is afraid of homeopathy not because it doesn’t work, but because it does. In proving itself right, it has proved them wrong.
    You still disagree? Good! You’ll die sooner! Let the ignorant be weeded from the wise! Can my detractors show one high quality double blind study published in a peer reviewed rag that proves the placebo hypothesis? Name one! Show one test that proves placebo!
    No. Crickets. They have nothing.
    Homeopathy is a superior form of medicine. It is elegant, it is effective, it is gentle, it is spiritual, and it is comparatively inexpensive, succeeding where other therapies fail.
    There is no challenge too great for it. Anyone with any illness, trauma or difficult condition needs to go through the healing process, and homeopathy affords you the best medical treatment possible. It doesn’t treat your disease, it treats you. It brings into play the greatest healing power you have at your beck and call, the power of your own immune system!
    For the sake of your own health, do not allow the murderous pharmaceutical cartel to lead you astray. Do not listen to the iatrogenic advice of the hyenas opposed to homeopathy, because they want you for their victim. They know it works! Read the pharmacist’s report at
    After reading this the scoffers will continue to equivocate, to be sure. In a free society, that is their right, to be stupid, to lie and to mislead. But I assure you, the evidence will give them pause, make them halt and lame, for all of their primary assertions will have to now be replaced with new ones. Think! Watch the angry responses, some disguised as clever, and see.
    John Benneth, 11/28/09

  5. Wait a minute. This isn’t a joke?

    I seriously thought this was an intentional joke until I began clicking around the linked website.

    (And for m.filosa: Yes, we know that clathrates are real; we also know that water clathrates can’t exist at SATP and have nothing to do with your magic water pills.)

  6. WTF?

    Star Trek is right.

    What did he call a white hole?

    Cause this says its a black hole running backwards in time and they do spit things out BUT

    They cannot exist as they violate the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

    it’s amamzing how this industry gets to redfine everything so that it supports their sugar pills

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