Introducing Skeptic North

A new Canadian blog, Skeptic North, launches today. Skeptic North is Canada’s first pan-Canadian skeptical blog, where a large pool of contributors will be writing about science, education, and critical thinking. I’ll be joining the fray, and continuing my documentation of health pseudoscience.

You might be asking – what do you mean by skeptic? Well, Skeptic magazine gives the following definition:

Skepticism is a provisional approach to claims. It is the application of reason to any and all ideas — no sacred cows allowed. In other words, skepticism is a method, not a position. Ideally, skeptics do not go into an investigation closed to the possibility that a phenomenon might be real or that a claim might be true. When we say we are “skeptical,” we mean that we must see compelling evidence before we believe.

Skeptic North bloggers have very diverse backgrounds, but we’re all committed to critical thinking and promoting a scientific viewpoint among Canadians. I’ll be blogging over at Skeptic North every few weeks. Content there will generally be out-of-scope of Science-Based Pharmacy. So while I plan to write about health topics, I’ll usually cover topics unrelated to pharmacy practice. Topics that apply to both audiences may show up on both blogs.

Check out my first Skeptic North post, where I look at health advice in the pages of Canada’s biggest women’s magazine, Chatelaine. And add Skeptic North to your RSS reader or bookmarks.