Skeptically Speaking Radio Interview This Friday!


I will be on the Skeptically Speaking show this Friday August 14 at 6pm Mountain time (8pm Eastern, or midnight GMT).  Possibly the world’s only skeptical talk show, Skeptically Speaking encourages you to call in, and question everything. It’s an excellent program, and one of several podcasts I subscribe to through iTunes.

We’ll be talking about pseudoscience in the pharmacy, bioidentical hormones, naturopathy, pharmacists that refuse to fill prescriptions for religious/moral reasons, vitamin supplements, and whatever else you want to discuss.

Why not join the discussion? Call in, send a question via Twitter, or post a question here in the comments.

If you’re not in the listening radius of FM 88.5 CJSR in Edmonton, click here to listen live! If you miss the show, we will let you know when the podcast is available.

One thought on “Skeptically Speaking Radio Interview This Friday!

  1. I heard your interview and enjoyed it very much. The homeopathic believer who called in was a little intense, but they tend to be, I guess. Well handled and your site is now bookmarked! Have a good one.

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