Found! Evidence-Based Pharmacy in Australia

australia-mapGreat news! I’ve found another pharmacist standing up for science and reason – this one’s down under!

Check out Evidence Based Only. The author, a pharmacist, blogs under a pseudonym, and has over 100 posts on quackery in the pharmacy.

Here’s his assessment of homeopathy:

Until someone proves that dilution beyond Avogadro’s number is meaningful, or can even present a cogent argument on how it could possibly be meaningful, I believe that any pharmacist who practises homeopathy is guilty of fraud, if not professional malpractice. They have the scientific training to know better. If they really must practice homeopathy, it should be away from a pharmacy so that this daft money and time waster is not given a false credibility that it does not deserve.

It’s great to see pharmacists taking a strong stand against quackery.