SBP’s influence grows – We’re now on Alltop!

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A nice acknowledgment today – Science-Based Pharmacy is now featured on the Alltop-Rationality page.

Alltop is a collection of the best blogs on the net. Visiting the site, you can quickly scan over dozens of blog posts – they describe it as an  “online magazine rack”. It’s pretty cool – check it out.

Given our goal of advocacy for rational, science-based pharmacy practice, I think the Rationality page is the perfect place for SBP to be! We’re featured with esteemed company annd science bloggers like Respectful Insolence, Skeptic ZonersBad Science, and Neurologica.  Thanks, Alltop!

Found! Evidence-Based Pharmacy in Australia

australia-mapGreat news! I’ve found another pharmacist standing up for science and reason – this one’s down under!

Check out Evidence Based Only. The author, a pharmacist, blogs under a pseudonym, and has over 100 posts on quackery in the pharmacy.

Here’s his assessment of homeopathy:

Until someone proves that dilution beyond Avogadro’s number is meaningful, or can even present a cogent argument on how it could possibly be meaningful, I believe that any pharmacist who practises homeopathy is guilty of fraud, if not professional malpractice. They have the scientific training to know better. If they really must practice homeopathy, it should be away from a pharmacy so that this daft money and time waster is not given a false credibility that it does not deserve.

It’s great to see pharmacists taking a strong stand against quackery.

Apple Cider for weight loss. The seventies are back!

applecider_INT_web2I grew up in the seventies and can remember some of the food fads well. There was the whole oat bran thing, the fondue set, quiche, Jiffy-Pop, and loooong salad bars at restaurants. And to treat the inevitable weight gain, the apple cider vinegar diet emerged. It was huge for a while, and like other ineffective diets, it disappeared. Well, for those with fond memories of the seventies, or perhaps new to the supposed power of fermented apples, the apple cider diet is back. This time,  in convenient pill form.

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Quick Update

When I started this blog, my goal was to post at least every two weeks with quality content.  I’ve just come back from a major conference, followed by a few days off, where I tried to think about pharmacy as little as possible. Now I’m back, and have a hectic day job to keep me busy.  But regular posts will resume shortly. In the meantime, here are a few recent posts, articles, and news items that I’d like to draw your attention to: Continue reading