Mulberry for Weight Loss: Not just unproven, but implausible

mulberry_zuccarin_INT_web1I don’t normally read the freebie newspapers in Toronto as their content is the journalistic equivalent of the lead in the Toronto water supply: both slowly sap your intellect away.

But I ride public transit and those papers are littered everywhere, rolling around the TTC. So against my better judgment I picked up the paper on May 20,  skipped past the article from the “holistic nutritionist” (a topic for another day) and stumbled across this advertisement:

“The Man Who Made the Whole Town Lose Weight”

Impressive headline.  Reading further it turns out that “Johnny Petterson”, a local health food store owner in Alesund, Norway, had started selling mulberry leaf tablets to his customers, and they lost weight – after only 10 days.  According to the advertising copy, Johnny has helped over 1500 customers lose weight. Apparently this product is for sale at major pharmacies in Canada. So it’s time to do a bit of digging into this scientific breakthrough unearthed by a health food store owner.

Here’s excerpts from the ad (here is a similar PDF) – and my comments.

“When blood sugar is stable, sugar cravings disappear” – This statement is contradicted by the American Heart Association, which summarizes the evidence as, “We don’t really know enough about all the factors that cause specific food cravings.”

“I studied the effects of mulberries on blood sugar, insulin and fat burning” – There is one very small trial that evaluated mulberry leaf extract on blood sugar levels and observed that it reduced the initial increase in blood sugar after eating sugar. There is one unblinded evaluation of an ingredient extracted from mulberry leaves (1-deoxynojirimycin)  that suggests it may slow the rise in blood sugar after a meal. But there is no data to demonstrate that mulberry has any influence on “fat burning” or, most importantly, weight. The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, the most credible and evidence-based summary of information on “natural” products, has almost no information on this item – because no evidence has been published that meets its strict quality requirements.

“Mulberry leaves lead to lower insulin secretion, which makes you able to burn stored fat better and also reduce fat storage from excess calories” –  The very preliminary evidence that exists does suggest that mulberry leaves may have some sort of biological effect. The active ingredient may be the chemical 1-deoxynojirimycin, which appears to be an alphi (α)-glucosidase inhibitor. It may act to blunt the spike in blood sugar after a meal, by interfering with carbohydrate absorption.  The prescription diabetes drug acarbose (Prandase/Glucobay) is also an α-glucosidase inhibitor, so this ingredient from mulberry may have a similar effect.

The terms “burn stored fat better” is clinically meaningless. There is no evidence that mulberry reduces fat storage.

“Taking mulberry leaves, my customers changed to a healthier diet without even noticing it” – Wait, didn’t he just say that the mulberry affects insulin secretion? How did diet come into the picture? If it’s affecting insulin levels, why is the diet changing? Based on the very preliminary research with mulberry leaves, all we can propose is that mulberry leaves might affect how quickly sugars are absorbed. There is no evidence that this will have any impact on dietary choices. Further, this has not been observed with prescription drugs with the same action.

“We now know from clinical studies how mulberry leaves regulate blood sugar levels.” Ummm, no we don’t. Where’s the randomized clinical trials in human subjects that demonstrate this product is safe and effective?

The website makes even more questionable claims:

“You will experience that you ar no longer as tempted by foods and especially sugar. You will more easily stay on a healthy diet. Gradually you will lose weight (especially abdominal) and any retained water.” Again, there is absolutely no published evidence that the product will do this. No references are provided.

“Mulberry leaves contain phytosterols, which are cholesterol-lowering agents. While most studies have been done on mulberry’s effect on blood sugar, the studies found that serum cholesterol levels  also dropped by about 12% on average.” Yet again, there is no persuasive evidence to demonstrate this is the case.  Another unsubstantiated, unreferenced claim.

“Mulberry is safe and natural. But do not use mulberry during pregnancy or when breastfeeding” There is zero published evidence that demonstrates short-term or long-term mulberry leaf consumption is safe. No research has been conducted to determine what its side effects are. Based on the very preliminary evidence noted above, mulberry could potentially be dangerous if consumed by diabetics. Most importantly, studies have been done with mulberry leaves, or isolated ingredients. There is no published information or research with Mulberry zuccarin to demonstrate that it has the same effects.

Bottom Line

This is an interesting product. Mulberry leaves do seem to have some sort of biological activity and may contain chemicals that could be useful in the treatment of diabetes. But to claim that this product is a diabetes treatment is premature. Not enough information is known about the risk, benefits, or even what an appropriate dose might be. Moreover, if it actually works, this supplement could put diabetics at risk of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).  So instead, the product is marketed as a weight loss support supplement – a completely unsubstantiated claim. There is no published to demonstrate that mulberry will help with short-term or long-term weight loss.

If  Mulberry Zuccarin was considered a drug product, there is zero likelihood it would be currently permitted for sale in Canada, the US, or any other jurisdiction.  Why? Because with drugs, conclusive evidence of efficacy and safety is required before sale is allowed.  But call it a natural health product, and all the barrier to sale disappear. It seems any manufacturer can take a unevaluated product, make unsubstantiated health claims, provide no  direct evidence of safety or efficacy, and yet secure shelf space in pharmacies.  As for Canadians,  Heath Canada’s Natural Health Products Directorate is missing in action (again) – failing to regulate health products, and failing to protect the health and safety of Canadians.

This product is available at all major Canadian pharmacies:  Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, Pharmaplus, Loblaws, and more. It’s a discouraging example of what appears to be an “anything for a buck” mentality we’re seeing more and more of when it comes to products for sale “in front of the counter”.

If you care about your health, and want evidence of efficacy and safety before you take a supplement for weight loss or diabetes, stay away from Mulberry Zuccarin.


Mudra, M., Ercan-Fang, N., Zhong, L., Furne, J., & Levitt, M. (2007). Influence of Mulberry Leaf Extract on the Blood Glucose and Breath Hydrogen Response to Ingestion of 75 g Sucrose by Type 2 Diabetic and Control Subjects Diabetes Care, 30 (5), 1272-1274 DOI: 10.2337/dc06-2120

Another mulberry-based health product was discussed by David Bradley on his excellent blog, Sciencebase.

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59 thoughts on “Mulberry for Weight Loss: Not just unproven, but implausible

  1. Thanks for the shout out. I am not against “herbal” and “natural” remedies, per se, indeed around 30-40% of modern pharmaceutical drugs have herbal origins. What I am against are the outlandish marketing claims for many of these products including mulberry, various teas, Rhodiola rosea, indium(!) etc etc.

    There is no valid testing of these products and yet the the companies that sell them often list dozens of ailments that they can supposedly cure. Whereas a truly effective pharma product gets lambasted because it has some spurious side-effect in a small population of users. Never mentioned are the potentially lethal side-effects of “herbal” remedies.

    Thanks for lending support to the sciencebase approach 😉

    • SE Asians drink a lot of green mulberry leaf tea. 95% of them are thin. True, they eat lots of veggies, but also lots of white rice. There is something besides genes are work here, I suspect…

    • Thanks for your interest. Neither article, nor the references, provides persuasive evidence to support the outlandish claims made about the product.

  2. I do agree that certain natural products over-claim for the quality of their products and that may be harmful for the intakers. But, we cannot boycott a natural products willingly just because they had not been proved by specific governments specialists. There are endless natural methods that cure ailments without scientific proofs. They have existed from ages, wisdom of the past passed throughout time. For poorer people who cannot afford expensive described drugs & costs of doctor’s visits, do allow them the rights to search for theses less expensive means. Everyone needs to be cured, not just those who have money. In medicines, curing others’ ailments: charity comes first.
    I may be touch on the wrong aspect, but this is my aspect somehow on a related matter. I have found and read of certain natural methods that cure grave ailments and i believe scientists will be reluctant to approve them right away. The process costs, and takes time, and it would be devastating other products that are already on the shelves.
    Let the poor take a chance rather dying without a cure. But do so with care: they do have to know the intention of the producer. Products on the shelves without approval is a ‘watch-out’. But it’s no-doubt that there are some truth about their products, they do work.
    My comment

    • Hi, Anthony

      It is true that in pre-scientific societies numerous means of treatment have evolved based on items at hand. Some work, on symptoms, I’ve seen that myself. Whether they actually cure is another matter all together.

      It looks to me as if you’ve taken on the conspiracy theory that all science based medicine doctors and researchers would really rather that disease continues so that they can make money, while ignoring methods that really do help the patient. This is not only wrong intellectually, it is a moral inditement of these people that is wrong humanistically. I’ve never met more dedicated and caring people than some of the researchers and physicians and pharmacists I know who ruthlessly pursue proven methods to treat their patients.

      The false divide between science as cold and hard and uncaring and natural as warm and soft and compassionate is very dangerous. It fosters in addition to a rejection of true science a rejection of Western culture, as “bad” and all things primitive as “good.” Ridiculous, when the greatest advancements in human history, especially for health, have come from Western science based thinking. The thinking also ignores completely the many charlatans and opportunists in the natural health fields who prey on the fears and desperation of their patients by pumping them full of claims of cure (just because you’ve read of a method that cures a grave ailment does not mean it does. Language hype is proliferative in natural circles). And, the vast amounts of money funneling into said persons, especially via internet sales. There is no guarantee that you are getting anything of any merit and much likelihood of getting plenty of no merit and great danger when you make your choices based on emotion and not fact. And if you are concerned for the ability of folks to pay for medication, I’d rather see them put their money to one proven method than to waste much more of it on shopping-bags full of supplements that either don’t work, or might work but in ways that backfire, or interact in dangerous ways, or put undo burdens on the liver, or any of a number of problems that occur when folks diagnose themselves and lean to unregulated means of treatment.

      It is obvious that you are a good man who cares for people. So are those who want to clear out the underbrush of hear-say and replace it with real proof.

      My best,


  3. @anthony

    One box of 60 tablets of Mulberry costs 34,99 in the pharmacy where I work. This box lasts 20 days since you have to take 3 tablets before each meal. Moreover it is not covered by any healthcare plan.

    The medication acarbose (Glucobay) costs 24,99$ for 20 days and is covered by almost any healthcare insurances.

    Based on this fact, I do not agree with you that prescribed medication are for people who have money.

    A lot of natural products might work, but the companies who sells them make also a lot of profit, as well as any other pharmaceutical companies.

    • I am turned off to natural products because every thing is based on at least $30/month for maintenance & then more if you want better results, plus you need this to go with that and that to go with this.

      Basically, it profits just like the health care industry if not more. Everytime I check out products for a certain health situation it will come up to much more than I want to pay. Plus sometimes you must continue your prescription drugs anyway.

      The “catch” is it’s all natural and does no harm whereas the claim is more people die of prescription drugs than natural. No one has health care records on “natural” (the pharmacy has record on prescriptions taken) so no one really knows. More than likely it could be true not much harm is done, but sometimes it is not really helping and you are wasting $/month. “Natural” cures can actually be very expensive. I know because I have read up on my own medical problems and good grief it can up to $250 to $350/month to “cure” my problems. Healthcare is cheaper!!

      I have used some “natural” and am happy with it. I have used some prescriptions I am happy with. You have to do you own evaluations and it can be difficult, time consuming & expensive. The “natural” health care industry is in business for profit just like everyone else. I am turned off by their claims against medical industry, which is necessary to promote their sales.

      Plus, we don’t really know which “natural” product works and which one doesn’t. Some are better than others but you don’t always know which one that is. And it is very expensive to find out on your own.

    • I do not agree with jp I have bought this product. At Rite Aid for 29.99 plus tax. It is 60 pills per box. You do not take 3 before each meal only 2 before meals for ten days then 1 before each meal. If you used it like jp says to, 3 meals a day equals 9 pills a day. You would only have enough for 6 and one half days. Not 20 days. OH,by the way this product does control cravings for starches and sugars. I dont know how or why but I dont eat half as much as I did. May be a mind over matter thing who knows.

  4. Surprisingly, there actually IS a Johnny Pettersen in Ålesund, and he actually owns a health foods store. I cannot find anything in Norwegian about the supposed weight loss claims, though. Given how Ålesund only has about 40 000 inhabitants, the number of weight-losing people is absolutely ridiculous, though. The picture actually shows genuine Norwegian products, but it does look too touched-up, and the products on the shelf behind me puzzle me: Health food stores here rarely carry that much paracetamol (if they carry it at all) and certainly not more than one brand. But I am mostly just amazed that they didn’t make up the guy 😛

  5. What ever chemicals are in the white mullberry leaves are fine by me. Having taken every type of topical pain relievers including DMSO over several years, I find that I had woken up for the first time without pain after taking two tablets of the mulberry zuccarin. Maybe there is something in using God’s gifts of the land. More research is obviously needed, but for now I am all for the white mulberry.

    • Emily,

      Part of God’s gifts are the intelligence he gives to mankind in the medical field and “natural”.

      We could not have the level of health care we have now without both of them.

  6. Hey guys
    Sounds like Sour Grapes to me.
    Natural Factors has been selling Mulberry for fiber and Blocking sugar for years here in the US. It is sold under the name of WellBetX PGX.

    • Barb, thanks for the info. My mother went today to get it for my brother but found out since he takes heart medication (stent put in 2 yrs ago) he has to talk to his doctor. I printed out the info about wellbet pgx w/mulberry and will show this to my mother.

      Thanks again.


  7. I baught the mulberry zuccarin I dont understand why this product is with the weight loss medications. i thought it would help loose weight. but i guess it dont. they should sell it somewhere else besides with the weight loss products!

  8. Hi, I bought my mulberry zuccarin and I have found it’s helping me lose weight – by pooping! It makes me poop a lot more than I usually have to… I think that’s how I’m losing the weight.

    • Chantel,

      Its true. I bought mulberry succarin at the CVS store and I noticed that Im pooing 3x which is my major problem i dont poop everyday.
      Im hoing I will lose some pounds.

  9. If you’re losing weight by having frequent bowel movements or diarrhea, then this is definitely not safe.
    Talk to your physician and pharmacist about this.

    Long term diarrhea (more than 3-5 days) can eventually lead to nutrient malabsorption, dehydration, weakness, and eventually electrolyte imbalance which can affect many important body functions (i.e., heart). Besides, it’s those zuccarin pills you should be flushing down the drain.

  10. i bought mulberry and didnot give dirrhea it just made go when you poop a lot it also means that your metabolims is working faster if you dont have watery then that is not dirrhea,a lot of doctors dont want natural drugs because they dont understand them and are not taught in schools ,dont they know God created the body and He knows more ,by the way He is our maker,men just fear things they dont understand

    • Regardless of whether you regard science as important or not, the fact is the manufacturer has not demonstrated that the product works as claimed. If this product is working because of divine intervention, it should be reasonably simple to prove it.

  11. I have been taking these tablets (bought them in Poland so they are named differently) along with Evening Primrose, Diabetex and Cinnamon extract. Never had problem with frequent stools etc..I have stabilized my diabetes 2 (suger went back to normal) but I did it also by fasting on veggies and (some) fruits for 6 weeks, and now going on the vegetarian diet. I lost 12 kilos in the process.
    I have no idea if all these herbs/oils help but I definitely feel great, got rid of suger spikes, got rid of egzema on my ankle and have not had a sniffle since spring. I work as a teacher and my students get sick all the time. I used to have at least 2-3 colds/flu each semester. I wonder why so little independent study is made on these natural healing products. When I was a kid, my grandma (Austrian) used water cures on me when I had pneumonia, and herbs for practically every ailment.

  12. I find Scott’s comments funny to say the least. Do we all realize that sugars have a ton to do with how the food we eat is processed? A high spike of insulin in your system will definitely cause your body to store more of those sugars as fat. The claims on the product may go above and beyond because that is what marketers do, but if the studies you have quoted have any validity, there is a strong possibility this product can assist in a persons weight management.

    Helping to stop a significant spike of insulin will allow your body to use the food effectively as fuel.. therefor you store less. There is no magic product that will allow you to sit on your ass and eat whatever you want but something like this can help an intelligent eater that wants to assist in weight loss. This title is just as unproven as their claims “Mulberry for Weight Loss: Not just unproven, but implausible”

  13. Ima sugar-holic… I crave carbs and sugars all day long… read the article in a mag. and of course it cought my eye :o( and I bout the pills thinking once again itd be a waste of money but to my surprze I have been taking it for 6 days now and havent wanted sugar at all… We will go out to eat, il eat light everyone will get desert and il pass!! SOOOoooo unlike me! Ive never been a person to eat a lot, like 3 meals a day is not for me but this not only stops the cravings it stops all desires for food! so far so good for me! Now with out the cravings im able to be more careful and have elf restraint! ya ya ya i know im weak :o( what can i say i loooove sweets! sooo im stickin to the pills for now.. scientific or bull ish i dont care lol

  14. Hi Guys, I really need to loose 30-40 pounds….should I try these pills?? Please advise me as I am so stressed out regarding my weight gain…Thanks

  15. Hi, everyone. I find these discussions very interesting! I had a weight loss company back in the late 80’s into the 90’s. It was called Ultimate Lifestyle and was a protein-sparing-modified-fast. There have been all kinds of arguments, positive and negative regarding this type of diet, however, we consistently saw people lose weight safely, lower their blood pressure, stabilize their insulin levels and keep their blood sugar even.

    I disagree with you (the writer), “There is no evidence that this will have any impact on dietary choices.” You have obviously not ovserved individuals who have gotten their blood sugar and insulin levels under control. When these are stable, the craving for empty calories goes away. That makes it incredibly easy to stick with a structured diet that prescribes healthy food choices. That is what promotes effective weight loss! When you don’t crave, you don’t overeat! (Even if you are an emotional eater).

    You have a chip on your shoulder about any natural remedies, but I challenge to you to look into real cases and make your decisions. In my experience, people lose weight in a number of ways, but the REAL challenge is keeping it off long term. For that, they MUST change their beliefs about food and learn to make healthy food choices.

    I would suggest to those who want to try the Mulberry, that they should try it for a limited period of time and observe any changes, good or bad. If they can control their cravings, they will be encouraged. When they feel better about themselves, they may be able to lose the weight. But, be warned, that you must learn what “healthy eating” really means! And it is different for different people.

    • I agree that healthy food choices are critical elements of any weight loss. Fundamentally weight loss comes down to caloric intake and expenditure. Without a change to a negative balance, weight loss cannot occur. But before recommending to patients if it’s appropriate to take a natural remedy, I want to see the clinical evidence to demonstrate that it’s effective. There is no evidence to demonstrate that mulberry has any effect on weight loss. As Dr. Mark Crislip says, “In my experience” are the three most dangerous words in medicine. Anecdotes are not data. This blog is about examining the evidence supporting products in the pharmacy. I am indifferent as to whether a product is “natural” or not – I’m interested in identifying if it works. If there is evidence to support a treatment, be it “natural” or not, then I’d be pleased to document it here.

  16. The majority of MD’s do not support herbal and natural healing as it is money not put in their pockets. The pharmaceutical companies also have their hands in the pockets of MD’s and politicians. My own sister was diagnosed at Mayo clinic two and a half years ago with ALS… wrong!! What she had was Lyme disease. But, with gov’t influence she was not thoroughly tested. What has she done? Found a chiropractor that has treated her with herbs and gotten rid of the Lyme. She is now on the road to recovery and gaining her lost muscle back. Not all remedies work for everyone.

    Scientific proof?? Don’t leave it to the gov’t, let each try on their own!

  17. I’m glad to know that she was helped through her distress. I would be interested to know in five years or so if it was really a “cure” or if she will
    still require further help.

    I do not want to get cynical about Doctor or natural. We all know doctors and pharmacies get paid, but we seem to not realize that people who sell “natural” get paid also and it is expensive. I used to sell natural products myself. I believe in making a profit but I think we could do better than $30 or more/mo on everthing out there. I can’t afford that long list of herbs that would “help” and still requires doctor visits and prescriptions. As for me I decided to stick with the medical. (and a couple of vitamins) I also don’t want to take that many dang pills per day.

    I’m sure the medical professionals sees a lot of cases where patients that did not have much luck with herbal and vice versa. I know someone who treated herself wrongly for her sickness. If she had gone to
    the doctor she would have been diagnosed with cancer. She was treating herself for the wrong thing. All those herbs didn’t help. Medical couldn’t help her either, by the time she got there it was too late anyway.

    Best of luck out there to everyone! Go with whatever works (whatever that may be if you can figure it out!)

    I still have a lot of faith in the medical. I have already been the route with “natural”. It is good to an extent. In a perfect world we would have all the answers!

  18. I enjoyed the article. I was happy to hear that Mulberry has been successful for many people and that the man was sharing the success story with us! I can appreciate substances that help our body better control how it processes sugar, so we not only not crave sugar but eat less of it and in the end lose weight!! I understand that not everything that has evidence of success is justified by the medical field.

  19. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence to suggest that mulberry has any effects on weight loss. Fundamentally weight loss requires more calories to be burned than consumed. There is no evidence it has any meaningful effects on sugar consumption or metabolism.

    If you want to lose weight, it’s best to stop looking for solutions in a box – you need realistic expectations and a dietary plan that will get you there. Drug therapy, prescription, non-prescription, or supplement, offers modest effects, at best.

  20. Good lord.

    Yes, I’m part of the gigantic conspiracy to keep herbal products away from the masses because it won’t help make me money.

    Arguing with wingnuts just isn’t worth it Scott. Let them enjoy their delusions and conspiracy theories – not worth your breath to try to convince those who don’t understand or care about evidence.

  21. Found this all very interesting, and I have read many similar +/- stories about soooo many natural supplements out there….

    I think its best to do your research, hear the good, bad and the ugly and take it all with a grain of low sodium, non iodonized, natural Dead Sea salt!

    Our bodies are the same and different when it comes to physiologically processing food, nutrients, sugars, fats etc and what works for one does not work for others. Helloooo?

    North American’s eat waaay too much per portion, and when you see how much you really need to eat, its sad, almost! I love a big bowl of spagetti, but you will suffer the consequences, and all the Mullberry Leafs in China are not going to help…

    My own expereince with weight loss is all about changing the diet and adding excercise.

    Bottom line, maybe the Mullberry Leaf will help you NOT eat that whole bowl of Spagetti, but if you do, you are going to stay fat! Its the changing of the diet that makes the difference.

    I dont hink there is a magic pill out there…(but honestly,I keep looking for it! heavy sigh)

  22. I feel sorry for the doctors in this world that say they are in it to help people to better health… Yoni herself said she is part of the group who love the money…never said anything about wanting to truly help people. If you were truly dedicated to helping find cures for better health, you would not discourage any treatment that may have hope. But of course you arent because you are ONLY in it for the money. By the way, I told a few hundred peiopl NOT to fall for the H1N1 scare adn do not get cvaccinated, cause it was just a big money grab for teh big Pharmaceutical companies. The ones that told me I was crazy took teh vaccine and they all had severe reactions. The ones that followed Dr. and took 3000-4000 i.u. of D3 per day had no H1N1 and also have had no colds and felt great all winter. That in itself is a study. SInce you are blinded by the money , you are against anyone that exposes the big Pharma’s real agenda, and that is simply to keep people medicated on pain releivers and not tell them the real cures. People, do not listenm to Scott or Yoni, there are natural cures out there even for cancer and heart disease, but if we all turned against the Pharmaceutical companies, they would go under and then that would affect a chain reaction of wealthy people worldwide. DO you not know that the conspiracys are actual truth…do the research yourself and quit listening ot the liars. Actually, poepl like SCott and Yoni I bet have never researched the conspiracy theories, because they are too comfortable in their money grab and they would not want to lose thier money and , also looking like mud through it all….so keep grabbing unhealthy peoples money Yoni, but in teh end, you will get yours….I will pray for you Yoni and Scott that you will wake up and see this. By the way, the Pharmas use 30-40% herbs in their meds now, because they re slowly realizing it helps…but lord forbid they actually tell people this and allow the people to have a health care plan that covers All natural products. You will find big world powers to be the Big Pharmas, so start doing yoru research people. You can ask me which sites and I will gladly tell you. By the way Yoni, I spent 7 years crippled with pain and all the doctors did was push more drugs…today I am pain freee and living better that I ever did, all becasue of natural health care and prayer. SO have a good day Yoni and Scott, and take a good look at your conciounse, then flap your mouth off here again. Get a life and quit discouraging people from trying to get healthy naturally. All the comments about God helping us….I am so glad people are not afraid to speak up for God instead of squashing him too.

  23. Yoni, by the way drugs have screwed up more people with addiction and ruined their lives than any natural product, so whether you are a doctor or an individual in teh helath care industry that is against us so called ‘wingnuts’ as you so boldy call us, perhaps you should go back and study …you will find the truth about natural cures and your addiction drugs….you must feel real proud each day you see a homeless drug addict. Good for you Yoni. At least you are not a wingnut… what are you…..take a good look Yoni at what you support and how the destruction will sooner or lateer affect you or your family.

  24. Yoni, I just hapened to read your website ( Weighty Matters)…and apparantly you are a Bariatric Surgeon and founder of this facility???….WOW, I just read your own comment about yourself on your site….quote: “Nowadays I’m more likely to stop drugs than start them, and love going to work in the morning.”
    You are one sick doctor. You actually beleive that your surgeries are better for people than them trying to lose weight naturally? My ex-doctor told me that I was morbidly obese and that I should go for the bariatric surgery. His other famous question every visit was how’s yoru sex drive? I realized then he was a sick person. I have found out he asks every single woman patient this, even ones that see him about the flu. Ha! ANother doctor not to trust. He obviously is sex obsessed himself…and not in it to help people, only grab their money and diddle himself in his private office. SO many people have followed my lead, and they started on a natural health plan and walking….even cripples like myself that had torn miniscus in both knees and bad lower back, meralgia parasthetica, plantar fasciiitis, and more health problems that all teh doctors said were from being a ‘morbidly obese person’. I was so pissed off at that sex crazed jerk, that it gave me the willpower to look naturallly. Thank the LORD GOD most high I did. I am now healthy, work with dogs and horses and can load a truck full of manure faster than a young guy in shape. I have counselled women how to quit listening to defeat from their doctors and saved many from illness related procedures surgeries such as bariatric surgery, that their doctors advised them of, that do not give long term life health. It is a quick fix and can have many serious side effects including death. A person that loses weight can only do so if the mind is healthy and they have a will to do it. Eat natural and healthy and walk…like God intended and it will come off people…….be a ‘wingnut’ and get healthy and quit listening to ‘quacks’ like Yoni, that just want to cut you open, staple you, take your money and brag about himself on line how friggin wonderful he is. He should be ashamed of himself for telling any person to NOT try what they can to lose weight…but then he would be out of business if he could not keep stapling us and giving us drugs for the pain. I would rather be a healthy wingnut with the reward in my heart for the rest of my life,that I accomplished this and can feel good about myself, than a quack that loves to hurt peoples feelings and cut them up and leave life long scars and pump them fuull of pain killers and B.S…..and do not challenge me Yoni, because I have much proof that your surgeries are not foolproof. SO just like you say natural methods are not foolproof….look in the mirror Yoni the next time you tell a patient to NOT take any wingnut stuff to help them eat properly and DO not walk because I need to cut you yup. You are another sick ___?!

  25. Dear Dolly,

    Please don’t hide your anger behind “God”.
    I think you just went off the deep end on this subject.

  26. Dolly, do you have any idea what kind of raving lunatic you are coming across as?

    You spew out hateful judgements left and right about people you do not know.

    Go give yourself a time-out and come back when you learn how to play well with others.

  27. I am not hiding my anger behind God Loretta….I am standing up for God’s pharmacy….HE gave us these natural plants to use appropriately, and if someone says they work for them, then why not praise them for using them, instead of let people like Scott and Yoni knock them….if you read closer you will see Yoni accused me and other natural product users of being wingnuts….sometimes it takes lots of savvy and guts to stand up to people. I have done that after being suppressed and all aht suppression ddi was keep me seadted adn make my body break down even more. I have lost freinds to bariatric surgery. I have seen horrible results from it also. I have seen amazing results through natural healing and prayer. So do not accuse me of hiding my anger behind GOD. I am telling the whole world about Him and if you do not wan to listen, then please dont….we all have choice in this world. AS for Dilly, Mona and Some Canadian Skeptic….I have been studying and learnign natural healing on my own since 1971, while working for a large financial corporation. I was expected to sit at a computer 16 hour days and it took its toll on my health,and I was abused at my job. I could no longer sit or stand for more than 10 minutes at a time….I spent 3 years bedridden on painkillers. My doctor said the condition would not allow my body nerves and muscles to tolerate exercise and I was dying. I was told to eat less. I was hardly eating and my metabolism had shut down. Then he told me bariatric surgery???? He was not listening to me. My muscle mass was gone and I was not eating more than 1500 calories a day. He wanted me to eat less on a bariatric surgery? ??? I was told by my friends to get a second opinion. I did with a naturopath, a physiotherapist and a dietician, a chiropractor and a massage therapist. Guess what? I became well. I was first tkaen off the heavy painkillers and then treated with herbs and nutrients to gain energy enough to walk again. One good natural thing led to another. ( I took a stand and followed what all along I had learned and not used all due to a threat that I would not get paid my disability if I did not do what the doctors said and take all teh medications and surgeries….so instead I have no pay but I have my health!)…..also the conspiracy theories I first heard about in 1969. I kept hush hush like the rest of most who have heard about them….afraid to speak up in case they were toldit was hogwash. FInally this past year with the H1N1 I spoke out. and I continue to . I am telling all the people I can about them, and people are listenting…..what good is a theory if you do not profess it and use it? I am no longer afraid to stand up for what I beleive in and PROFESS it! adn DO something about it……it is the doers of the world taht get things done. We need to stand up for the good in this world and start suashing the bad. Yoni knows what I mean ! WHy dio you think there has been no response from Yoni. Yoni said it himself that he was in it for the money. SO quit pussy footing around on tehse websites , if all you are going to do is try and pacify yourself and people, what good are these sites? Start making some waves adn riding them people! STart being leaders and helping others instead of expecting someone to hold your hand. GOD is not angry at me for speaking out baout him and I am not angry at Yoni. I simply told the truth. RIght Scott?

  28. by the way, forgiv me for typing to fast and mispelling…but am sure you can all read it anyway. Have a glorious day and dont forget to take in some of the sunshine out there! Great healer!

  29. I just read this advertisement, and looked at their website ( – and a couple things came to my mind. 1. They do say that taking this does not negate the need for a healthy, balanced diet and exercise, which are obvious parts of how to lose weight, but depending on body types and physiology and other health issues, certain vitamins, minerals, ,and other things can help jump-start the weight loss process.

    I’m currently studying Scandinavia, and amongst all the statistics I’ve seen, in general they’re healthier and live longer than Americans, and despite the infiltration of other products into Scandinavia in the past couple decades, the thing that immediately came to my mind in reading about Canadians and Americans complaining about this type of thing, that it ‘doesn’t work’ for them or here, is that perhaps something about the history of healthier eating habits there and the overall general promotion of a healthier lifestyle may have something to do with why it could work more in Scandinavia as opposed to here, where in N. America we tend to have unhealthier lifestyles and eating habits.

    Just some food for thought.

  30. I’ve found herbal cures to be questionable. Certain things like laxatives and what not tend to work as expected but things that reduce blood sugar or cure cancer are always a little iffy. I think it’s been saturated by people who tend to make a lot of money off these sorts of products and the actual ones that do work get lost in space. That doesn’t mean I don’t think herbal remedies work, I just don’t think the ones touted as miracles are true miracles.

  31. I am on my 2nd box of Mulberry zuccharin and did have diarhea at the beginning but that symptom is now gone. I also have been having headaches lately and am wondering if it’s just from the constant stress I am under at the moment or caused by the Mulberry zuccharin. I lost about 10 lbs but the constant craving for food is gone. That in itself is a blessing for me. Has anyone else suffered from headaches?

  32. I just read about Mullbery Zuccharin in the Feb 2010 Woman’s Day magazine. It was an ad, and it caught my eye. I too want/need to lose weight. I have lost up to 50 pounds on Weight Watchers but gained 25 back. Both my husband and I are retired and we eat about 2 meals a day, but I do eat a snack once or twice a day. It’s discouraging to see that here is another natural product that probably doesn’t work. I wish there was something to stop my craving for sweets/sugar. I’m probably an emotional eater too. My husband is supportive and sees how much I eat and is shocked that I can’t lose weight. I walk 3 days a week for 1 hour over 2 miles each time, and also 2 days in the afternoons with friend, 45 minutes each time for a total of 4.5 hours a week and 7+ miles. Bless you all for your forthright answers and comments.

  33. Hi all, at the end of the day even though clinical evidence is not available and may never be isnt it up to each and everyone to try or not the product to see if it works for them? After all they are many testimonies about this product and we do live in a democracy.

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  35. Why do some people have the idea that if you poop too many times is bad for you? I understand if we are talking about diarrhea, any body that has this problem should be concerne but if we’re talking about regular normal bowel movements, than no you should not be concern, we’re suppost to have one bowel movement for every meal we take. A lot of people have lived all their lives pooping only once a day and for them this is normal, normal for them yes, but not healthy. I have use herbs most of my life I’m 57 years old and I don’t have one single complaint against them. My children where raised on herbs and their children are being reaised on them also. I read some where in the bible that God gave us the herbs to heal ourselves, and after thirty something years of using them I agree.

  36. Everybody is different and our metabolisms work different. You might be lacking something in your system that the herb that you’re using doesn’t have, it doesn’t mean that the herb it self is no good. Please don’t get discourge if one herb doesn’t work it only means that this is not the right herb, there is no miracle herbs, there is only herbs that work when you use them right, and this mean be faithful to them and have patience they don’t work over night. But they’re worth the wait, and some times you need help finding the right one.

  37. I have been taking these Mulberry Zuccarin for a week now, 1 with each meal and while I am not sure if I am losing weight yet, my chocolate cravings are down to nothing. For me that is saying alot as I am a chocolate adict. If tese help me get past my chocolate cravings then they are well worth taking.

  38. I have been taking waistline (mulberry leaf major ingredient) has turned me from a snack-a-holic to no cravings at all, reduced appetite and choosing healthier foods as genuine preference. The feelin is similar to that of an amphetimine with regard to being put off eating but of course less intense. Lost a stone in 2 weeks and feel great for it. Don’t know the chemicals involved but i am sure that there is a physical reson for this and not placebo effect.

  39. I just started taking Mulberry Zuccarin 1 week ago, and as a self diagnosed sugar-holic, I can honestly say I haven’t had my usual cravings for cupcakes,cookies, etc. I’m starting to make healthier food choices and exercising more consistentlty than before. Everybody’s different…so it stands to reason everyone’s results will be different. I’ll definitely continue to use this product and have nothing but positive things to say about this product!

  40. Hi. I wanted to say thanks for the great post. My curiosity led me to check the Internet further about the Mulberry Zuccarin ad I saw in a prominent Canadian magazine while waiting for a doctor’s appointment. I generally am skeptical of most advertised herbal/supplement “miracle” products but I don’t have the breadth of knowledge/expertise to truly identify the issues other than common-sense (alas, I did not take science beyond high school). So, besides my own doubts I really appreciate coming across your well discussed post about the product and how the claims of studies supporting the results/benefits were unidentified or non-existent.

    Of course I acknowlegde that every person is subject to their own opinions, decision, and experiences bit I find posts like yours helful & interesting those seeking information for another perspective before buying into the marketing promises or seeking to find a solution to their problems without making significant lifestyles choices/changes. Especially if the product was truly authentic, the creator would transparently reference and identify who, what, when, where, why and how of the experts or studies they vaguely rely on.

    So, thanks and cheers!

  41. Thanks for the info. I am actually using these pills now. I didn’t use it as a claim for losing weight (I am not that gullible) but because diabetes runs in my family (I don’t have diabetes but my curiosity was piqued) and I wanted to see what my regular blood sugar was, compared to my blood sugar on the pills.

    Only thing I do say is true (at least in my case) is that I have less of a craving for sweets the last couple of days that I’ve been on it. Dunno about weight loss since I am not using the pills for that extent.

    I personally haven’t had side effects but I found it all to suspicious that the box’s only warning was not to use when pregnant and when breast feeding, and that if you have type 2 diabetes you should consult a physician before use, and if you do use it, you should monitor your blood pressure closely. That’s what led me here.

    If you guys hear anything about side effects lemme know. Since I haven’t had any so far I will keep using it for the month and see how things go.

  42. What some of you dont realize is that pharmecutal companies when they make their drugs , these drugs are derived from from Natural growing plants and herbs adn what ever else is growing naturally out there. I guarentee you that they already know that mulberry benefits of helping to less the craving of sugars and help with the insulin levels. But what those companies do is figure out how they work and derive that one benefit from it, and test it for safftey, then figure out how to mass produce it cheaply and sell it to you as a drug. And dont buy into that oh it hasn’t been proving crap, herbs like that have been used for hundreds of years are still around for a reason. The FDA is bogus and they are not as powerful as many think they are. Just remember back not to long ago when the FDA pulled those drugs off the market for being blamed for peoples deaths and so forth. Thats right the FDA approved those drugs yet we still think the FDA knows all, which they don’t but these drug companies are keeping the FDA afloat with their right wing activists. Companies like the FDA have much better restrictions and guidelines over in the european countries than what the FDA has in the us. And a final not that person who keeps coming on here and posting where’s the proof and so on and so forth, you obviously work or are associated with these drug companies in some form other wise why would you waste your time by keep coming back here to slander natural products that work, wait i know cause that would then take money out of the drug companies pockets.

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