Who is SBP

It’s hoped that SBP will grow to represent the collaborative work of like-minded health professionals, passionate about pharmacy practice and determined to fight quackery and pseudoscience, while promoting critical thinking and ethical patient care.

Comments are welcomed at Science-Based Pharmacy and will be moderated by the editor, below. Consequently it may take up to 24 hours for your comment to appear. All users of this website will be considered non-medical professionals unless you choose to disclose otherwise.  Health professionals that give medical advice are expected to note their status as a medical professional. Otherwise your comment may be edited or removed.

Comments that cite evidence should either provide a citation or link directly to the reference.  Personal experience should be noted as such (though personal anecdotes are discouraged on this site).  Only information which is true and correct to your knowledge should be posted.

Commenters and comments are expected to be honest and respectful. Please focus on the science. This site isn’t called “Anecdote-Based Pharmacy” or “Testimonial-Based Pharmacy” for a reason.

If you’re interested in contributing, please contact sciencebasedpharmacy [at] gmail.com.


Scott Gavura: Founder and editor.  Scott’s bio.

Avicenna: Pseudonym of a Canadian pharmacist. Avicenna’s bio. Avicenna’s personal blog.

Last revised: 2010/06/14


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