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This is the first of a series of posts adapting a presentation made at The Ontario Public Health Convention in April, 2011. The presentation, “Fighting in the Trenches: Countering Anti-Vaccine Sentiment with Social Media” was a panel discussion from Scott Gavura and Kimberly Hébert: One of the best parts of the infectious disease outbreak movie […]

The holidays are upon us, and it’s traditionally the time of year when celebrate our good fortune, and pause to give thanks. Exchanging gifts is a big part of of the holidays, and it can sometimes be challenging to find something meaningful, that the recipient will appreciate.  Chocolates, toys, and gifts sometime become our “go-to” […]

We’re entering flu (influenza) season in North American and the annual vaccination campaigns have started. Here in Canada we’re fortunate to have a health system that covers the cost of immunizations for residents. In Ontario, where I’m located, the province funds a universal immunization program: everyone is eligible for a free flu shot. Here’s some […]

Anti-vaccine advocates have declared November 1-6 to be Vaccine Awareness Week, and intend to use the week to spread unfounded fear about vaccines. Here in Canada, we already had our own Immunization Awareness Week, but I’ll happily take up the antivax challenge. I’ll be joining other science advocates to counter-detail the fearmongering and outright misinformation […]


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