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I can’t think of anything more appalling than selling water to someone and telling them it will treat their asthma. This pic via Ryan Melyon on Twitter, was taken at a Target pharmacy in Chicago: I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating: Homeopathy is an elaborate placebo system where the “remedies” are inert. It’s […]

Weekend Reading


Happy 2014 Everyone! It’s been a while since the last weekend reading update. Here’s some links and posts for your reading pleasure. The picture above is from the Toronto ice storm that we’re still recovering from.

The right way:

Weekend Reading


It’s Labour Day weekend, which is a long weekend for many of you. Here’s some articles of interest:

And the involvement of a UK pharmacy in propagating this health harm. Unbelievable. (Email readers can follow this link to see the embedded video). Homeopathic “vaccines” are no alternative to vaccines at all.

Weekend Reading


Columns and posts to challenge, infuriate, and delight the SBP fan…

Weekend Reading


The photo above is from a pharmacy in Toronto. Acid base nonsense? Check? Cancer quackery? Check. Endorsed by a pharmacist? Check. Send me your own pictures of ludicrous pseudoscience and quackery for sale in a pharmacy, and I may feature it in a future post. Here’s today’s updates to engage, inspire and possibly infuriate you…

From ethicist Dr. Chris MacDonald, a column on Rexall’s recent advertisements promoting homeopathy: The problem, of course, is there’s no reliable evidence that homeopathy works, nor any plausible reason to think that it even could work. In commercial contexts, that’s pretty bad. And it’s worse still when the company selling the stuff is a company […]

The other day a parent asked me if she could give her 2-year-old Tylenol liquid along with some cough syrup she had purchased at the pharmacy. I was a bit surprised, as cough and cold products for young children have been pulled from pharmacy shelves for a few years given their lack of efficacy and […]

Jimmy Wales, the cofounder of Wikipedia, was given some bad advice by a pharmacy: Last week I was in a pharmacy (chemist) in London just around the corner from my apartment there.  I had a sore throat and cough and wanted to buy some soothing cough drops.  I did, buying a brand that contains benzocaine.  […]


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