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One of my earliest lessons as a pharmacist working in the “real world” was that customers didn’t always act the way I expected. Parents of sick children frequently fell into this category — and the typical vignette went like this for me: Parent has determined that their child is sick, and needs some sort of […]

From the same cartoonist that brought you The Facts in the Case of Andrew Wakefield, Darryl Cunningham now brings you The Story of Homeopathy. If you don’t want to read all the prior SBP posts on homeopathy, Darryl’s comic pretty much sums it up.

Is it ethical for a pharmacist to knowingly sell a mislabeled product – one that contains no active ingredient, and has been demonstrated to be no more effective than a placebo? That’s the question being asked by Dr. Chris MacDonald over at the Business Ethics blog today: If someone selling something believes that it doesn’t […]


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