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Here’s a scenario I encountered that will be familiar to many pharmacists. It starts with a customer seeking advice at the counter: “My doctor says I have prediabetes. I don’t want to take any drugs. Do you have something natural I can use to cut my blood sugar?” I looked at him in the eye, […]

Today’s post is from SBP contributor Avicenna. Here’s his bio and his prior posts. An estimated 2 to 3% of the developed world  -  roughly 1 million Canadians and 10 million Americans  -  suffer from a debilitating form of chronic pain, called neuropathic pain (NP) or neuralgia.(1,2) What’s worse is that these numbers are expected […]

I don’t normally read the freebie newspapers in Toronto as their content is the journalistic equivalent of the lead in the Toronto water supply: both slowly sap your intellect away. But I ride public transit and those papers are littered everywhere, rolling around the TTC. So against my better judgment I picked up the paper […]


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