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I recently asked a colleague for search advice on a topic I was researching. When I told her it was for a blog post, she was intrigued. “How much do you get paid to blog?” she asked. When I told her that blogging didn’t provide any revenue, she was dumfounded. “Even writing for [big pharmacy […]

On Monday, I described a new agreement between the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and Blackmores, a supplement manufacturer. The agreement meant that the pharmacy computer system would prompt pharmacists to offer Guild-approved supplements with specific prescriptions. In the face of widespread professional and public criticism, the Guild has terminated the agreement:

Is pharmacy a business or a profession? It’s a question that comes up when when pharmacists put financial interests ahead of patient interests. And that’s the question that’s being asked of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, the national advocacy organization for Australian retail pharmacies. The Guild recently announced a partnership with Blackmores, a large Australian […]


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