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Weekend Reading


Happy 2014 Everyone! It’s been a while since the last weekend reading update. Here’s some links and posts for your reading pleasure. The picture above is from the Toronto ice storm that we’re still recovering from.

Weekend reading


A shorter list of links today:

It’s Thanksgiving! Here’s a quick list of some links of interest. If this is your long weekend, enjoy!

Weekend Reading


The SBP post on “pH Balancing” is one of the most popular, with over 43,000 views views since it was posted in 2009. The topic seems to come up again and again because alternative practitioners promote ideas that are not reality-based. Unfortunately, some pharmacies sell products that are marketed based on this falsehood. If you […]

Weekend Reading


Here is this week’s roundup of reality-based reading:

Weekend Reading


It’s Labour Day weekend, which is a long weekend for many of you. Here’s some articles of interest:

Weekend Reading


It’s hard to believe that summer is actually winding down here in North America. Summer vacations are wrapping up and school is starting soon. The header image from today’s post is from i09, Gorgeous Vintage Advertisements for Heroin, Cannabis and Cocaine. Here’s some additional posts worthy of your attention:

Weekend Reading


It’s the peak of summer and much of the Eastern seaboard has been melting under record heat. Here’s some links of interest:

Weekend Reading


It’s the peak of summer in North America. Posting will become even more sporadic as some well-deserved vacation occurs. Here’s some dockside reading:

Weekend Reading


Columns and posts to challenge, infuriate, and delight the SBP fan…


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