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From the December, 2012 Canadian Pharmacist’s Letter (paywalled, sorry), a subscription-funded, completely independent resource for pharmacists, comes a warning about the Hemocode food intolerance test:

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Links, posts, and articles of interest to SBP readers:

If there is an antithesis to the principles of science-based medicine, it’s probably the Dr. Oz show. In this daytime television parallel universe, anecdotes are evidence. There are no incremental advances in knowledge — only medical miracles. And every episode neatly offers up three or four takeaway health nuggets that, more often than not, seem […]

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Winter has now fully descended across most of Canada, giving views like the the one above. Here are some links of interest to SBP readers:

 It’s January which means it’s detox season. Not surprisingly, the scientific evidence supporting “detox” and “cleansing” hasn’t changed since this post was originally written in January 2009: How ineffective products treat non-existent conditions They may line the shelves of your local pharmacy. Boxes or bottles, with some combination of “detox”, “cleanse” or “flush” in the […]

“One of the most important discoveries I believe we’ve made that will help you burn fat – green coffee bean extract” – Dr. Oz, September 10, 2012, Episode “The Fat Burner that Works” Dr. Mehmet Oz may be biggest purveyor of health pseudoscience on television today. How he came to earn this title is a […]


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