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2012 in review


Thank you for following this blog. While posts are less frequent than I’d like, the blog received about 290,000 views in 2012. Regular traffic is now over 800 visitors per day, from 190+ countries (so far). Here are SBP’s most popular posts from 2012:

A few weeks ago I reviewed Ben Goldacre’s new book, Bad Pharma, an examination of the pharmaceutical industry, and more broadly, of the way new drugs are discovered, developed and brought to market. As I have noted before, despite the very different health systems that exist around the world, we all rely on private, for-profit, […]

The loss of a child is unimaginable to most of us. What if if the cause was completely preventable? For thousands of children, it is. Want to give a really meaningful gift this year? Why not save the life of a child? It’s possible if you give a gift of vaccines. Your gift of $42 […]

I’ve noted before that it’s remarkable how quickly medicine can progress. Most of the therapeutics I learned in pharmacy school is now obsolete. When I started practicing, HIV was treated with only three drugs: AZT, ddI, and ddC. They were modestly effective, and the disease was invariably fatal. Today, the management of HIV has been […]


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