Should you get the HPV Vaccine?


Dr. Mike Evans answers, in a new video:

Photo from flickr user VCU CNS used under a CC licence.

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One Response to “Should you get the HPV Vaccine?”

  1. 1 Remains Anonymous

    The YouTube pre-roll ad was for the Fisher Wallace cranial stimulator for depression with “no harm in trying the device, it can only help… potentially”. It was quite possibly the first YouTube ad I didn’t “skip” when offered the opportunity. It was a good laugh.

    Are the HPV vaccines cost-effective at ~$400 in direct costs alone?

    I was waiting for him to at least bring up costs in cons, but he didn’t :(

    I sure hope the governments that are paying for this are getting a great deal on it.

    Check this out: (And GSK even provided funding for the study!)


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