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Given their visibility in the pharmacy, a recurring topic of this blog are the category of products deemed “natural health products”. My philosophy towards their uses has changed over the years, and what was an “evidence-based” approach is now firmly a “science-based” approach. A central principle to science-based medicine or pharmacy is that all health […]

Today’s post is a guest contribution from a Canadian pharmacist who is writing under the pseudonym Sara Russell: For several years after graduating from pharmacy school, when I’d answer the question “What do you do for a living?”, it would be met with responses like “Good for you!”, “You must be so smart!” or simply […]

Thanks to Andy Lewis of the excellent Le Canard Noir who flagged this pharmacist opportunity: The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine is hiring a pharmacist.  Normally pharmacist positions don’t justify blog posts – but this is a unique pharmacy. Until  recently, this was the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. Yes, the United Kingdom’s National Health […]

Is the best medicine no medicine at all? Sometimes. My past posts have emphasized that the appropriateness of any drug depends on an evaluation of benefits and risks. There are no completely safe interventions, and no drug is free of any side effects. Our choice is ideally informed by high-quality data like randomized controlled trials, […]


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