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Check out today’s xkcd. Follow the image link to the main site, and move your cursor over the comic to see Randall’s commentary on pharmacies selling homeopathy.

When it comes to health issues, bowels are big business. Bowel movements are part of everyday life, and we notice immediately when our routine changes. Constipation, from the Latin word constipare (“to crowd together”) is something almost everyone has some experience with. In most cases, it’s an occasional annoyance that resolves quickly. For others, particularly […]

If you read enough supplement advertisements, like I do, you’ll often see the purity of a product is cited as one of its merits. It’s usually some phrase like: Contains no binders! No fillers! No colours! No excipients! No starch! No gluten! No coatings! No flow agents! It’s a point of pride for supplement manufacturers […]

On Monday, I described a new agreement between the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and Blackmores, a supplement manufacturer. The agreement meant that the pharmacy computer system would prompt pharmacists to offer Guild-approved supplements with specific prescriptions. In the face of widespread professional and public criticism, the Guild has terminated the agreement:

As a change from some of the usual content I wanted to pass on some general articles on health, medicine and pharmacy practice I enjoyed recently.

Is pharmacy a business or a profession? It’s a question that comes up when when pharmacists put financial interests ahead of patient interests. And that’s the question that’s being asked of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, the national advocacy organization for Australian retail pharmacies. The Guild recently announced a partnership with Blackmores, a large Australian […]


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