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Thank you to all the pharmacists that attended my talk today at the Canadian Pharmacists Association conference. As promised, here’s a list of references and further readings. Some are written by myself, some by my colleagues at Science-Based Medicine or other blogs. Some are direct link to the source material.

This year is shaping up to be a challenging one for measles control. Once considered eradicated in North America, it’s seen a bit of a resurgence in the States, almost entirely among the unvaccinated. From the Public Health Agency of Canada:

Go check out my post today on oil of oregano at Science-Based Medicine. It’s an update (no new evidence, sadly) of a popular older post from this blog.

How frequently are placebos prescribed and dispensed? I blogged earlier this week about Tom Blackwell’s recent article in the National Post on the prevalence of placebo prescriptions.

From today’s National Post: The practice is discouraged by major medical groups, considered unethical by many doctors and with uncertain benefit, but one in five Canadian physicians prescribes or hands out some kind of placebo to their often-unknowing patients, a new study suggests. The article references a paper in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry which […]


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