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The following is a summary of my Skepticamp Toronto 2010 presentation. Apologies to international readers for the Canadian-centric content. I’ve been practicing pharmacy for over 15 years, and it didn’t take me long to realize after I started working that there was a completely different standard for safety and efficacy for herbal preparations and other […]

]Go see my latest post on adrenal fatigue, and join the discussion, over at Science-Based Medicine.

Anti-vaccine advocates have declared November 1-6 to be Vaccine Awareness Week, and intend to use the week to spread unfounded fear about vaccines. Here in Canada, we already had our own Immunization Awareness Week, but I’ll happily take up the antivax challenge. I’ll be joining other science advocates to counter-detail the fearmongering and outright misinformation […]

Another set of links and articles of interest to SBP readers… Homeopathy The board of NHS Highland has agreed to end future support for homeopathic treatments for its patients. Which is a science-based decision. Unfortunately, some homeopaths are telling patients that homeopathy can replace the MMR vaccine. And no, this doesn’t seem restricted to the […]


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