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There is way too much pharmacy content for me and Avicenna to blog about.  If you’re interested in contributing to the discussion about science-based pharmacy, please contact the editor at sciencebasedpharmacy [at] gmail [dot] com. You do not need to be a pharmacist to contribute. If you want, you can write under a pseudonym. The […]

Apologies for the gaps between posts. It is summer, after all. Until regular posts continue, enjoy this presentation I gave earlier this summer about alternative medicine and pseudoscience:

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer is drawing to an end and that means back to school – and the annual wave of panic about head lice. It seems that cramming hundreds of children together in one building leads to lice outbreaks, panicky teachers, and distraught parents. Right on schedule, in last […]

How do Canadian regulations for natural health products compare to American regulations for dietary supplements? Which are superior, from a consumer protection perspective? Is either approach science-based? That’s the topic of my post today, over at Science-Based Medicine. Go check it out.


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