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This has to be seen to be believed. It’s the physics of homeopathy – as explained by a an optometrist who dabbles in homeopathy.  Watch it – but I take no responsibility for the brain cells that will rupture upon viewing. We discovered a few days ago that even the light reflecting off Saturn can […]

It was bound to happen. And I’m glad to have done my part. I’ve been blogging since August about the questionable judgment of the SickKids Foundation for their support of rank pseudoscience at the upcoming AutismOne Conference, Changing the Course of Autism. It’s now a national story in Canada. Tom Blackmore, of the National Post, […]

As I’ve blogged before, homeopathy is a pre-scientific practice without any basis in reality. Nevertheless it continues to be embraced by non-scientific practitioners like naturopaths and homeopaths. One of the underlying principles of homeopathy is the “proving”. The proving is the process by which a homeopathic remedy’s “profile” is evaluated.  The proving determines which remedy […]

All my illusions that Canada is free of anti-vaccination zealots (antivaxxers) disappeared this week as the H1N1 vaccine was approved in Canada. After starting an H1N1 information page on Facebook (please join) it’s been an ongoing challenge to respond to the antivaccine comments – comments that are incorrect and often deliberately misleading. This is quite […]

A recurring topic at Science-Based Pharmacy has been the sale of “natural health” products in the pharmacy that lack evidence of efficacy and/or safety. Over the next few weeks I’d like to examine this state of affairs, and put the question to you, the readers of this blog: What level of regulation is appropriate for […]

A few weeks ago I blogged about an upcoming “Natural Health Products” symposium that’s being held at the University of Toronto’s Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy.  The agenda raises a number of skeptical red flags, including topics like the efficacy of herbals for H1N1,and natural health products for menopausal symptoms (which I’ve called the power […]

A new Canadian blog, Skeptic North, launches today. Skeptic North is Canada’s first pan-Canadian skeptical blog, where a large pool of contributors will be writing about science, education, and critical thinking. I’ll be joining the fray, and continuing my documentation of health pseudoscience. You might be asking – what do you mean by skeptic? Well, […]


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