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A nice acknowledgment today – Science-Based Pharmacy is now featured on the Alltop-Rationality page. Alltop is a collection of the best blogs on the net. Visiting the site, you can quickly scan over dozens of blog posts – they describe it as an  “online magazine rack”. It’s pretty cool – check it out. Given our […]

Great news! I’ve found another pharmacist standing up for science and reason – this one’s down under! Check out Evidence Based Only. The author, a pharmacist, blogs under a pseudonym, and has over 100 posts on quackery in the pharmacy. Here’s his assessment of homeopathy: Until someone proves that dilution beyond Avogadro’s number is meaningful, […]

I grew up in the seventies and can remember some of the food fads well. There was the whole oat bran thing, the fondue set, quiche, Jiffy-Pop, and loooong salad bars at restaurants. And to treat the inevitable weight gain, the apple cider vinegar diet emerged. It was huge for a while, and like other […]

Quick Update


When I started this blog, my goal was to post at least every two weeks with quality content.  I’ve just come back from a major conference, followed by a few days off, where I tried to think about pharmacy as little as possible. Now I’m back, and have a hectic day job to keep me […]


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