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I don’t normally read the freebie newspapers in Toronto as their content is the journalistic equivalent of the lead in the Toronto water supply: both slowly sap your intellect away. But I ride public transit and those papers are littered everywhere, rolling around the TTC. So against my better judgment I picked up the paper […]

Prior Science-Based Pharmacy posts have examined some of the most appalling examples of quackery found in the pharmacy – products like homeopathy and detox kits. It’s time to turn our attention to a group of “conventional” pharmacy items – cough and cold products for children. After being on the market for decades, they’re suddenly in […]

Recently, Australian Skeptics published an open letter to the pharmacists of Australia, asking consumers to take it to their “university trained seller of snake oil”.  Click on the link to see the full-sized PDF. Their letter makes several important points:


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